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History/Recently Played on Mobile Device


History/Recently Played on Mobile Device

 I heard a song that I really liked on my last week's discover playlist and thought I saved it. When I woke up Monday morning it wasn't there. Bummer. A new discover weekly playlist had already loaded and I couldn't retrieve the song. Spotify support couldn't help so I searched all day to find a way to find my recently played songs. I eventually found a solution tonight! If you click into any of your created playlist to view all of your playlist songs, there is an icon for "add songs" on the top of your playlist. When you click on the "add songs" icon it will open to a "suggested" playlist. Scroll left to switch to "recently played." Scroll down to find the song you are looking for!! Not sure how far the list will go back, but I listened to Spotify all day and was able to find the song I was looking for that played last night! Hope this helps!! 

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This is so helpful, thank you! I also wish this was a standard feature, but glad there is _a_ way to find the most recent songs at least.

thanks man you saved me a bunch!


Lifesaver. Gratzie mille 👍




I'm so tired of Spotify's garbage UX. What the **bleep**, people.

Thank you so much! Lifesaver! 🙂

Thank you SO much for sharing this! I often have this problem with Discover Weekly/Daily Mixes etc and on the computer it’s easy to look up but there’s been so many lost songs from my mobile listening. Awesome hack!!! (Can’t understand why this isn’t a more prominent feature, though)

Good news!


The new "Recently Played" section is rolling out to the mobile app in the home tab. Here you will be able to see up to 3 months of listening history. Look for the clock icon in the top right corner of the home tab.


Travel back in time: Rediscover lost gems in your listening history with a new “Recently played” destination, where users can jump back in time and browse up to three months’ worth of listening history. Premium and Free users globally will be able to browse recently played individual tracks and episodes in addition to the playlists, albums, and shows they were played from.


You can read more info about "recently played" and other updates to the home tab in the news article:
New Features on Spotify’s Home Hub Make Navigation and Discovery Even Simpler



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Absolutely. And the mods have to make up for it with sad sorry BS workarounds....

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