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Like Button Removal

Yo, I didn’t get the changes on my version but my friend did and he wont stop complaining about them please change them back so he’ll shut up. Also, I thought the heart symbol on the song was perfectly placed and easy to access so I’d probably be kind of upset too. 

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Its really not clear what you mean, What features are you/your friend complains about? What device are you using? And what is the Spotify version that you are talking about?

@PierreViv wrote:

 Also, I thought the heart symbol on the song was perfectly placed and easy to access so I’d probably be kind of upset too. 

What do you mean by I'd probably be upset too. ?

They changed the “like” heart button to an “add to playlist” where the first option is “liked songs”. It’s a substantially weaker design as “liking” used to add it to your library. I’m sure they had a reason but I really dislike it.

It looks like you use an mobile device, my device is pretty old so i don't get the newer updates but I'd be upset too!

yeah, the same thing happened to my spotify and i absolutely hate it. it’s so inconvenient and also, i cannot seem to add the entire album to a playlist like i could before. that feature is gone too. 

Yes, please put the old heart button back!

i just had the same thing happen and im livid, the liking feature was absolutely vital to the way i use spotify and i just don’t understand this update or why i got it months after this thread was created 

It really is a **bleep** update 🙄🙄🙄

same. it's awful. pls change it back @spotify 

Stupid update. Now it just makes it more time consuming to go through all individual songs to see if I have it liked from an album. I don’t pay premium for this.. thinking of just moving to a different app.

If they dont bring back the option of showing you what songs you have 'liked/hearted/whatever' in playlist or album view, that's the final straw that will bring me to apple and I'm never come back. This is so stupid.

I hate this new update. It’s so unnecessary and I like having a little heart by the songs so I can see what I liked 

Hate the update too. The like/heart button is crucial to the way I use Spotify and the update takes away part of that functionality. I love Spotify but if they don’t fix this I will consider other music streaming options for the first time ever. 

Very frustrating. Also, if I want to remove a song from my library, I have to tap the three dots by the song when I’m in my library, instead of just swiping left like I used to be able to. Such a terrible update. Almost as bad as my shuffle play constantly repeating the same songs… This is getting stupid, Spotify. About to change platforms.

Losing the "like" button is ruining my life.  You used to be able to see at a glance which songs on an album you already "liked."  You used to be able to "like" all songs at the top of an album, now you can't.  Whose genius idea was this?

This new update is a joke. I get so frustrated about it all the time. Please ffs sake spotify just change it back. it’s so ass. Fr thinking about moving to apple music rn. 

Yea this update pretty much destroyed any usefulness of the Like feature, now it's just another playlist, and it's no longer possible to see which songs in a playlist that has been liked


Listening to music while driving has now become a hazard as well as liking a song has gone from a simple tap on the heart to a three step process where you have to click all over the screen


Please put the heart back as it was before


Also, and I understand this might have been a choice from a technical perspective of how inserting the enchanced songs in the playlist complicated things, but I really enjoyed that feature as it gave me more feeling of control using the enchance feature, now I just have to keep skipping songs until a new enchanced song comes up but I don't have the choice to pick a suggestion from an artist that I like but where I haven't heard the song before for example. I can understand the choice in a way to make the feature useful for more people though, but I'd love to have both options

This feature definitely sucks I really miss scrolling through my playlists and seeing what I've liked because it was how I listened to artists discographies. I'd find a complete songs playlist and then like the song once I'd listened to it and that way I would've known when I finished a discography. I might just have to start doing that on YouTube music or something because this was the biggest reason I liked Spotify but it just upsets me and I keep hoping they'll change it back to the way it was.

Yea it’s such an inconvenience. I miss the simple days of Spotify where I can just like a song and that’s the end. Now this three step process is too much. 

I completely agree!! Before I could tell whether or not a song was liked both on the playlist/album list and on the sign itself. When it comes to being able to easily add a song to multiple playlists, I like this, but think it should be a separate thing from the like button. I tried to like a song the other day and noticed the heart was missing and instead there was a green check. The thing about the like heart button being gone is instead of just liking a song when it already exists on one of my playlists I have to add it to the likes songs playlist. Even if the song isn’t already liked but is on a playlist it already shows up with the green check mark so I can’t tell if I’ve liked it already. Also it’s kinda annoying that when I do use the plus button to add a song it automatically lies it and then I have to go and change it instead of being able to choose which playlists I want the song on. BASICALLY, make the heart and plus button separate because they need separate functions

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