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Sorting Albums


Sorting Albums

I have maybe 200 albums. Most classic but many folk etc. I have been told by Support  that there is no way to make categories and put my albums in them. I would like a category for Classical and subcategories for Strings, Woodwinds, Keyboard or Mozart, Bach, Opera, or some such thing. And. category for Blues, one for Country, one for Pop, again, etc. --  Every other app/extension/program I have on my computer and ever had allowed to arrange files into Files and subFiles and so on. Don't understand why this isn't possible here. Almost impossible to go through all my albums -- as they say "to browse" through them -- to see what I want to hear now. I have to go through all 200. You can say why not do a search but that's only if I know in advance. 


Support suggested making playlists of all Woodwind albums which seemed good, but though all of the 400 or so tracks were organized by album, I had to scroll through all the tracks to see the names of the albums to choose the album I wanted. I would like to see covers of all the albums and not the tracks.


So my son suggested I make one track in each album a favorite and then go to my Liked Playlists (I think that's what it's called). Seemed to work. Listed the Woodwind albums in a row, 1 track of each so I could easily scroll through all the album covers and choose. Then I could enter into the album and play the whole thing. Awkward but do-able.


At least I could do this on my computer the first time I used it. I couldn't see how to do  this on Apple TV. At best I could play the one track from each album in order and not the whole album. Can't see a way to select the whole album.


And, I'm not sure, but I think each time I picked an Album from the Favorite Playlist it rearranged the list so if I add a Strings Playlist and a Keyboard, if I'm right, this will become a hodgepodge mess, worse then the Album list I used to work from which at least had big pictures of each Album.


It seems Playlists are aimed at people who listen to individual songs and not whole albums. I never listen to individual songs -- only albums.


I believe I wrote this to someone support team when I first started using Spotify maybe 5 years ago and was told they were working on adding an ability to categorize, and I was told this again by support a few days ago.


Any thoughts and/or work arounds would be greatly appreciated.



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