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The like buttons gone

The like buttons gone

I opened Spotify and the buttons gone and when I go into playlists there’s no heart there which I really liked because I could see which songs I have liked through other playlist. BRING THE BUTTON BACK!!!!!!

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Hi @24Jahica

This is an ongoing experiment by Spotify with no way to opt out. You can read more and provide your feedback on this post.

I also got the like button back but then after like 2 months I got the new button to add to playlist, I still think that double tap to add a song is not helpful at all, please bring back the like button and just leave it like that

Yeah… it’s back, 2023 style

My only way to make profit of the „made for you“ playlists is by controlling how many liked songs were included. This enables me to curate those playlists by either skipping/hiding/carefully listen to not yet liked songs. This helps me control how algorithms are fed. Without likes I‘ll have to go back to static own playlists.

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