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Too Many Ads!


Too Many Ads!

I just want to mention that the ads for free accounts occur much too often. I can't even get through five tracks before I get a sequence of four or five ads. I know we are free users, but it is just ruining the experience to the point it is intolerable, and I am personaly considering finding other means of listening to music. Just wanted to get that out there. So annoying and frustating, and the ads are too long!

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Hi there welcome to the community,


Thank you for reporting. This is a known issue and Spotify is aware of this. I will post here when I have more information. 

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I've been having the same problem recently, jumping in so I can follow the thread.

I agree. Please fix this as it is becoming unbearable. I don't mind 5 ads if i can get to listen at least 6 or 7 songs.

Yeah i agree, i get ads every 6 songs average, but three ads play back to back. Even if they change it to one ad per time it would help

What do you expect.. It's free ! 
Spotify doesn't have a ad revenue like Youtube. And even YT spams ads..
Remember Spotify pays the artist a fee for every play. 

Well, captain obvious, thank you for enlightening us. However this is about the ratio of songs/ads they are implementing.

i feel your pain, but atleast its Free to use.

Hey there.


I really don't know of what ads are you talking, as I never heard / seen any ads... I use and pay for music and movies/series. Spotify and Netflix. If you like music. Please why not to purchase adfree version.


Purchasing premium is not a crime!


Four years has gone by
It's interesting try
You don't deserve just one more advertisement
Now purchase your premium and be patient
I see Spotify it's like a sunrise
And nothing more, that's surprise


Goodluck my Jonathan advertisementboy
I wish you so much joy
Don't need you anymore
Cause I'm so much happier without ads


Without ads!

I just recently came over from using one of the competitiors to spotify. I left for that very reason, too much ads, only too much ads, too much of the same ads. You can only hear of so much of the greatness of Amazon, before you just want to jump ship 😞

On Spotify, Not had too many ads yet, but i guess i am in Canada and not many advertisers jumping onto spotify yet.....

Also used other services like Spotify.
But they aren't as good as Spotify

Oh my god, I totally agree. It's 3 songs then 4 ads of the same darn thing. Majority of the ads is promoting spotify. I get that they need to have ads but come on!

You don't see any ads because you pay for premium.

The worst is when you are listening to some quiet instrumental or classical music to study and the suddenly BAM! the new album of some new pop artist comes up always with the volume super high. I pride in taking my headphones off and NOT PAYING ATTENTIO!N TO THE AD! But, that is ad placement and that takes a team of people. we'll cross that bridge when we get there, meanwhile, song:ads ratio is ridiculous.

LMAO...seriously. The record execs want paying for their music YOURE listening to. Pay premium each month and your woes fade away...thats the problem now , folk want everything for nothing. #PFT .....or if £10 is a too higher price to pay for advert free music switch on BBCradio ONE or buy CDs. No sympathy from here im affraid friend.

I completely agree. It's completely out of control now. I've noticed a marked difference since November or December. I've been a member for a few years now. It's never been this bad. I am considering the same thing you are.

I actually haven't been getting many ads I have to say. Maybe it's for different users. Maybe demographics play a part in which ads are targeted for what user.

A lot of musicians feel that they do not make enough money from Spotify.

TBH, I would rather pay for premium than put up with the ads, so I do, and I am on a low income. I can afford it because I prioritize it.

I would rather they increase ads and perhaps even premium subs (provided it doesn't become unaffordable) then that loads of bands pull their music cos they think Spotify doesn't pay.

Remember, Spotify has to keep us happy, but also the musicians and labels.

I am a big fan of Spotify and I think more bands and labels should recognize the role Spotify plays in reducing music piracy. We can't all afford to just buy loads of cds or pay 7.99 per album to download and a lot of SPotify users are ex-pirates.

But Spotify have a difficult job, and we are not the only people whoses views they need to take into consideration.

Spotify. There are far too many adverts still. I mean 2-3 every few tracks I listen to. And the worst of it is (both for me and Spotify) is that they are the wrong type of ads.


Honestly, if I spend most of my time listening to classical or film music, I definitely don't want it interrupted by some idiot trying to sound cool and talking up their latest boyband/ girlband album. Or a crass commercial advert repeated over and over. Not only will I resent them for it - and definitely not buy it - I will increasingly get more atuned to the idea of switching off Spotify altogether.


And on that subject, that logic should apply to Spotify's advertising strategy.


I realise that advertising is at the heart of Spotify's business model but really, and speaking as a professional marketer here, Spotify should really be using its brain and adopting a more intelligent strategy to reach out and engaging with its audience. An excellent start would be in selling tracks that cost more than I could buy them on ITunes. Another would be to adapt adverts and advertising style to both the different musical tastes that its users have and also their demographic profile. Releavnt, targeted advertising. This is not hard to do and is worth investing in.


Seriously, it stands to reason that adverts that are both attuned to and complement - rather than jar - the mood music people are listening to are more likely to get engagement. Interrupting my good mood or sense of wonder with a tasteless advert or a bozo boyband/ girlband is not going to get me to buy anything. Really, it's not. Rather, it's going to positively incentivise me to loathe them and absolutely not buy their product. Which I would imagine runs contrary to what Spotify wants to happen. And advertisers will cotton on - because ultimaltey, box-ticking will only go so far; advertisers ultimately want buyers of their product not just "reach". The number of listeners an advert is reaching is irrelevant if those listeners don't buy it in enough numbers. 

By contrast, however, a well-placed, relevant, targeted advert, will not only not be so much of an interruption, it may actually make me acknowledge the message/ messenger.


Work it out Spotify - See no customer, Hear no customer = Have no customer.


Okay, rant over.

Well said!

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