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Whos damn idea was this? New desktop app Interface sucks!!!!!!!!!


Whos damn idea was this? New desktop app Interface sucks!!!!!!!!!

Who in the **bleep** told you all to change the desktop app? I can't even see all of my playlist anymore by album art! and also  why did you make my account picture so small you can't even see it! is it a way to fix this downgrade of a app



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Also since last update I can't see which playlist is shared with my friends. Please return as it was earlier

at least you can expand the album covers again


...except with round corners for some reason

Yes, please change this new overlay, I cant even look at it, it so horrible. I dont need to look all the time at album covers or my playlists covers. Also why is everything round, and on the bottom why its a different color than the rest? I just want the old one back, or just redo or something, idk, go back to the old one option. Designer was crying when doing that

This horrible!! I'm a music supervisor and this whole new setup totally sucks and is so difficult to navigate btw all my playlists. Give us a choice to go back to the old setup. Also, folder takes 5 sec to open. what's going on with that?? 

I like how now, when you click on "Your Library", you get the side panel expanded instead of... viewing your library. Brilliant UX choice, team. Perfect. No notes. 


But seriously guys, this new update makes navigation a massive chore.

Agreed. It's a terrible interface. 

The new "upgrade" is dreadful!!!  not using the right panel for expanding library items is just horrible.  It almost makes browsing your library unusable.  I utterly hate it.   Back to Tidal or Apple Music for me.
The only conclusion I can come to is that Spotify is deliberately trying to take focus away from the user library.

I really hope they'll listen to our complaints and change it back.. Or at the very least, let us choose what interface we want to use ! It's crazy that these big company keep changing things that work and that are liked.


Whether you like the look of the new interface is purely subjective but let's be honest, it is objectively bad from a practical point of view.


It feels like everything's just packed, library is now pure trash.. Like why do I have to click the little arrow when I could just click the whole folder to expand and see all my playlists ? What's the point of that ? It's stupid, it's a bad design implementation and it's annoying. I use Spotify only to listen to my own custom playlist that I have arranged by artist / name / style / country in many many folders, and now having to click on a little icon to expand the folder is the most trashiest thing they could have done to this app. Please revert this, i'm paying for**bleep**.

I totally agree, this new library is making me so frustrated. It also is nearly impossible to drag a song into a playlist now, the sidebar scrolls wayyyy too fast. Why am i paying for this


Yeah screw this, switching to Tidal even though I would have to pay for it myself, vs using family plan spotify for free.
Spotify PC UI was pretty much everything it ever needed to be and then nothing but downgrades for last 7 years or so.

My music library is very important to me. There I have saved countless albums that I wish to revisit spanning multiple genres. As of right now, it's an endless stream of content. I wish there were more organizational features like being able to sort saved albums into categories/genres. With Apple music coming out with classical, I'm definitely considering making the switch. The tricky thing is that I'm running an all windows/android setup. I agree that Spotify does not seem to value the user library. 

Agreed, the new layout is a mistake.

  • the view is cluttered, making it harder to scan and find what you're looking for. BTW, this is also applies to the song list with title and artists on separate rows. .
  • it show less than half the number of items as before.
  • the added icon and second text line provide no useful information

Please admit someone has made a mistake and undo this change.

Where can we fill an official report, that this user test has failed?

This is truly horrible design. Everything is cluttered and I can't find anything. Who thought this was usable? 


I'm a weird holdout in the first place. I didn't really use Spotify until the past like six months and now I'm ready to go back to just living with whatever music I have in my own library. This was a huge downgrade in usability. 

This is disgusting and it takes forever to browse through my albums. We pay you. Ask us before you go and mess up the reason we pay you. You do know there are other music streaming providers, right?

Here is a solution - install an older version, they have them on their website, look for 'spotify old versions'. I installed the one from February 20th, version and it has the old layout. Spread the word, people are hating the new layout and Spotify needs to listen.

This UI makes me miss Napster.

Basically this is the mobile view replacing the beloved desktop view. It means less maintenance for them so I understand why they did it but I totally hate it as user. I hate it on mobile. I hate it on desktop. Just basically unusable if you have hundreds (thousands) of artists/albums you like in many genres and decades. I suppose it's fine if you listen to a handful of artists like many people do.


My requirements are pretty simple actually, I need an organised library. Organised the way I want. When I open my library I want to see this organisation. Here everything is at the same place: podcasts, albums, artists, folders, etc. and this is not how I like to see it. Desktop was the last "acceptable" interface. But now it's gone. 


I came to the conclusion Spotify is optimising experience for the casual users which is likely to be the vast majority of their users. Us, "hardcore" users, early adopters, listening to hundreds of artists, albums or countless genres, they don't care about us anymore. They counted on us to convince the mass market to go all-in digital, we did the work, explaining to the non-tech friend how to use it but now they have mass adoption, we're the "odd" ones, the last line in statistics, they don't do anything for us anymore. I don't blame them, Apple did the same in the early 2010s and share value went up. I used to believe Spotify was different but they are not.


This probably means we have to hop off the mainstream bus and find a company who respect their "heavy" / early users. If a new streaming company tailored for heavy music listeners comes out, I'm all-in right away. And all-out Spotify.


And this feels ridiculous while fixing the problem is only 2 features away:

- Add a permanent "folder" filter option, with the option to move the filter bar away (in settings for eg.)

- Option to add anything to a folder: artists, albums, podcast, etc. 



+1 for New Layout Sucks

yeah it look absolutely horrible. complicated ui, ugly design with rounded album cover corners. just why?

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