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Car Thing Feedback

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How do you think those of us that dropped $79 feel now that it's $29. 😕 

I love my Car Thing, but the only frustration I keep running into is that the Albums tab is not sorted by recently added. It almost looks random as it’s not alphabetical either. Totally understand that I could use voice to find a specific album, but it would be a lot quicker with 2 taps when I already have it saved. 

thanks so much! 

So, my use case is a bit different. I use two car things as media controllers for around the house. Over all, i love the product, being able to use a dedicated screen to control my music keeps me a lot more focused when working. I use a lot of virtual desktops, and having to hunt down spotify to change playlists is the main activity that leads to me getting distracted... with the car thing on my desk, this happens NO MORE!


That being said, there is one big annoyance with using the car thing to control something other than your phone. I think spotify could make this problem disappear with a fairly simple software update.


Currently, the car thing controls my PC fine if i start playback on my pc, however if I pause my music for too long, resuming the playback by pressing the play icon on the car thing will start the music on my phone. I then have to open the desktop app, and change playback to the desktop app. Once I do that, everything works as intended again.


The simple fix would be for spotify to add a "default playback device" to the options menu! if this defaults to "your phone", the behavior would be the same as it is now, and would fill the car thing's initial use case... however if i could set a default playback device per car thing, that would be amazing... the one in my living room could be set to control my main listening area, so on.


I know its the CAR thing, but the thing is awesome as a desktop controller!


(ps, if you somehow found this thread when looking for desktop car thing use cases - heres a desk mount that you can 3d print since the car thing doesn't ship with one ❤️ )

Yeah, it's pretty frustrating. Many of us have mentioned this but we haven't gotten a response. I forget about albums pretty easily but usually the first 20 of recently added are what I'm currently listening to, so it would be great to have those come up as the default in the Albums section on the device.

One of the things, why I bought Spotify Car Thing, is the possibility to Dislike a song (I listen to Discover Weekly most of the time) and add a song to the playlist.

Instead, I can add a song to the end of the queue which is useless for me.


I can Like a song, at least. But in other cases, with this fancy Car Thing, I still have to operate with my cellphone during the ride and as I'm using it for Waze in landscape mode and Spotify is not rotating the view in the majority of screens, it sucks a lot.



We can't reply to this post: ... so starting this new one.

This! I literally cannot use the playlist feature without this. I'm not scrolling through 600 songs of a playlist to get to a song I just put on there. This has to be an easy fix right? Need to be able to sort the playlists!

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