[Connect] Make Spotify Connect a Choice

Status: Case Closed

I want to have the opption to turn it off. Please fix this, i wan't to listen to music and still be online without connect starts.

Please fix this. 


Jag vill gärna kunna använda spotify på en telefon utan att den andra telefonen ska börja dra batteri för att ni kommit på denna tjänst utan en avstängningsfunktion. Då ni är Svenska som startat detta hoppas jag på att ni accepterar svensk text. Och en svensk meny till spotify hade varit trevligt. 🙂


Från en trogen användare sedan år tillbaka 🙂

Updated on 2021-07-27

Hey folks,

Thanks to everyone for their contribution to this idea - We really appreciate it!

This has been discussed internally multiple times now and while we would like to look into this, it's not currently on our radar.

Should anything change, we will make sure to post an update, but we also want to be transparent about what we are and what we aren't working on.

Thanks for understanding, and please keep those ideas and requests coming!


What a giant "**bleep** you" to your community that something that should be a basic toggle isn't even on your radar.


I get this message on my own phone when playing Spotify over the Sonos system.

Every time I open the app it tells me: "You are listening on....", then I need to click continue before I can enter the app.

This is very annoying!
I have this since the last update.
Please fix this ASAP


I do not ever want to control other devices. Please allow us to opt out of "Spotify Connect". Just have each device control itself, that's it. Let me give a very typical use case. I go for a walk, listening to Spotify on my phone. Great. Now I sit down at my computer to do some work and listen to music and hit play on the desktop app. This plays on my phone! WHY? Why would I want that? Who would want that? I just hit play on the computer, so play the music on the computer! How hard is that? Very frustrating user experience.


Yet another "feature" that a large portion of people would like to opt-out of, yet Spotify refuses. In reality it's not hard to make something like this a toggle. I see the use case here, and I think that it's a nice feature, but I also see the use case for not wanting to use this feature as well. 

I don't really understand the point of allowing the community to submit and vote on ideas if Spotify is going to do whatever the **bleep** they want regardless. The illusion of having a voice I suppose. 


Eight years. That's how long your users have been asking you to make device connect optional. That's how long many of your users have been plagued by nonsense like randomly connecting to phones that aren't even theirs. So you refuse to make this an option, and you refuse to make it work right. For 8 years. For a feature I never, ever, ever want. My whole experience of your service is bad, because of a 'feature' I do not want. Look at this 46 page thread. I don't know how you stay in business. I'll probably cancel Premium now. I'm not going to sit here and fight with this dumb thing connecting to a phone I don't own. I'll go back to Apple Music.


I finally found the solution: I cancelled my Spotify Family subscription, and changed over to Tidal, where the family fee is 5 € less per month, and – as Tidal does not have a free option, no problem with this "feature"! Make no mistake, teh reason why Spotify never changed this system is to avoid people sharing their premium accounts for free! Follow the money, shtoopid! ; ) But what really made up my mind to change to Tidal, is that they PAY MUSICIANS MORE MONEY than Spotify, despite that I actually pay less for the subscription now! 12 years ago I joined Spotify as there was no other option. People, there is othe roptions! Show Spotify what you think of them by walking out!! And while you are at it, have a look at Bandcamp, which pays even fairer than Tidal, and you find real gems!!


It has nothing to do with account sharing, one does not need this piece of **bleep** to block it. All it would take would be to block concurrent playback on different devices. It's just the abysmal stupidity of their product managers that makes people to put up with this for so many years.

Right, this is the point where I'm out. All apart from everything else, not being able to tell a service to not physically control my devices from one to the other is beyond invasive. I thought better of Spotify, though in hindsight I'll have to admit I don't know why.


So today I request Spotify to do something simple - I pick a DOWNLOADED playlist and want to play it shuffled - that is on my Android. I can't go offline (flight mode) because then my bluetooth won't work, but it shouldn't matter. I'm asking a simple basic action - this playlist, random order.


That this feature has been "broken" for a while - without doing anything in between I resume the next day and hear songs I only just heard when the playlist is 6,500 songs long - yes that's a problem. By the way, why is the playlist so long? Because I can't random-play a folder.

Aside from that, there's the other "bug" that it doesn't get that playing this playlist random doesn't mean I want to do that on the next playlist I listen to. I can listen to playlist "shuffled" or "in order" which is why I want when I click on the first track.


However, this morning, after hitting the "play" button and noticing it hit the first track because they'd removed the "play shuffled" I moved it to shuffle then fast-forward and it picked a song to play, only it didn't start playing it - no, it decided it was "stuck". I've had playback get "stuck" on resuming a number of times and it's annoying. A basic playback feature for a downloaded playlist is simply find the track or the location of the track and start playing it.


But why was it "stuck"? Because it was busy "connecting.." No it couldn't play, it had to go to the stupid cloud to sort ouf my play location. After waiting a while it simply reverted me back to where I had been when I started my session. Who the f**k asked it to do that?