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Community Recap 2021


As we prepare for 2022, we wanted to look back to all the exciting things that happened this year in our Community.


Forum updates:

  • New Community look:  we spruced things up a bit with three rotating color theme combinations. To top it all off, we updated the landing pages of Help, Chat, Ideas and the Spotify Stars pages to make it easier to access related content. I might be totally biased, but doesn't it look pretty? 😍



Spotify Star Program updates:

  • The program has been renamed! Say hello to the Spotify Stars Program!
  • To accompany this big change, the program's logo was also updated, thanks to our Star @Hubo  👀



  • We also introduced our program values - read more about the process and their meaning in this Blog

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  • We also proudly hosted the first ever, virtual Values Week to celebrate with our Stars our new Values.
  • Virtually for the first time as well was also our annual Star Jam. We all had a week of fun and met with Spotify teams. @MattSuda has a better recap for that if you missed it.


Community team updates

Don't forget to say hi if you see them around 😊



So a lot of things happened around here in 2021, eh? 😎


And before we leave you, here are some cool Community stats for the past year:

  • More than 41 million visits to the Community,
  • More than 13400 ideas submitted,
  • More than 2400 solutions found!



Cheers to an even better 2022 and to enjoying our


See you around the forums 🎉

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