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30 seconds #NowPlaying is not showing on Facebook 2020

30 seconds #NowPlaying is not showing on Facebook 2020

When i try to share 30 second NowPlaying feature on Facebook, then its stretching the image of the song. I've had many songs shared on my profile but now there are just streched images with link to spotify. 30 second feature just dissapeared. Sorry for my english. Greetings from Poland <3.

Zrzut ekranu (374).png
3 Replies

Hi @KrzysztofWalag,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. Could you try a clean reinstall on the App? If that doesn't help, can you try posting that on another device?


Let me know how it goes. 

Hey @KrzysztofWalag 


I was researching your problem when I found a post that may could help you, here is the post. Could you tell me after, if it worked?


Hope I could help you. Have a nice day ;D

2 days after i posted this, problem was solved. Thank you all for help. ❤️

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