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Artists with same name

Artists with same name

There are sometimes two (or more) totally different artists clumped together under the same artist page. 

For example under the name "Markaba" there is suddenly some russian album "беги" from the band "меркаба". As I can read these moon runes I understand that they are indeed easy to mix up. I wanted to let you know about that. But on the Spotify desktop program I could not even find a decent way to report this obvious mistake for you to fix it. I had to crawl trough the forum to find appropriate place to report this to you. (*if there exists a report button somewhere I could not find it*)


Allso I have discovered that under the name "Saudade" there are several different artists aswell. There has to be a way to seperate these artists in some way. To group their music in different artists pages.


I think the artists themselves allso would appreciate this. Allso it kinda shows you (as a company) in a bad light aswell, for having these kind of primitive problems. 


Hope this gets fixed soon

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Spotify users on the community are being asked to be referred to this thread post here: there is also a Google form here: to report albums on the wrong artist page.

This bugs me too. I have found 2 names so far. There are more than 1 artists with the name Jeff Taylor and Nate Smith. It's irritating seeing their albums in 1 page.


Actually I did find one link to report that issue under a post: "Separate Artist with Same Name", but when I clicked it said that: "You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action." -_-'

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