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Audiobooks on Spotify - let's build a list of what's available


Audiobooks on Spotify - let's build a list of what's available

Since there is no easy way to search for audiobooks on Spotify, I thought it might be useful to build a list here to help each other. I know there are scraps off-forum but it seems more useful to have this information in the community.


Here's my starter for 10.


H.G.Wells - War of the Worlds


H.G.Wells - Time Machine


H.G. Wells - Invisible Man


Mark Twain - Short Stories


Mark Twain - A Double Barrelled Detective Story

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Hi so i'm not sure if this is the right thread to post this in, but I rely pretty heavily on audiobooks to consume literature and I'm having a hard time figuring out if the audiobooks spotfify offers are complete or just parts of the full-length books. If anybody has an answer for me it would be greatly appreciated thank you.

I cant see 'words' on my version of Spotify in Ireland.

What words are you referring to?

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Everywhere I have read it says audiobooks can be found in moods &genres in words section - I have never seen that section 

Hey Spotify: Want more of my money? Offer a super-premium subscription that provides access to an Audible-style library of audiobooks. I'm paying them $15 a month for that, but I like your model better. 

Re: Rickymedium: It depends on which recording you find. In some cases, you only get radio adaptations, or selections from the book; in many other cases, you get the whole book. Whole books are typically broken up by chapter, and whole plays by act or scene, so if you catch sight of a book or play you'd like to listen to, view the album it's on and see if it's a long list of chapters, or just a few short ones. Some of the abridged books are still quite good - a recording of Kurt Vonnegut reading a shortened version of his own Slaughterhouse-5, complete with an introduction and personal asides, comes to mind - but I generally prefer the whole-book approach.

Where can I find the "Word" section? I'm using Spotify in The Netherlands and I don't see it in Browse > Genres & Moods...

I don’t wanna listen to any of those audio books im more intrested in jk Rowling, roahl Dahl,  Beatrix potter, but u don’t have them or anything else that might peek my interest so thanks for closing my topic few hours after opening it,

But it's in German. I've been trying to find an English version but it doesn't seem to exist.

We spend a lot on Spotify and be good to have tons of English choices of all different types of books from Steven king to Roald Dahl jk Rowling ect but I have to pay Audible 7.99 a month for one book per month which I go thru in one day

Here's a collection of Tamora Pierce books avaliavle, she specializes in young adult fantacy.


It's really hard to find young adult books on Spotify, for some reason every time I look up a series I can only find the audiobooks in German. Anyone else have young adult books they've found and would reccomend? 

These guys just create Spotify Audiobooks list:




Spotify Audiobooks ListSpotify Audiobooks List

The category is missing for me too but If you login to spotify in the web browser and manually go to you can see it. I don't know why it's hidden by default when it clearly exists.

It's going to be a tiny list I believe since Spotify has a very limited audiobook collection. I know it's not Audible but..

This is also the site I use and have listened to a number of great audiobooks.  Having chronic migraines, I use audiobooks when I cannot read (as it makes the migraine worse and the words blur) and so, audiobooks fill that void for me. I love a great story!  Spotify has a wonderful selection already of audiobooks and audiodramas.  I recently listened to a beautiful and amazing book called CHOCKY. The relationship between the father and son is wonderful and many parents could learn so much just by listening to this audiobook.  It is considered sci-fi, but it so much more than that. Really, a great listen. I would like to buy the book now.  The easiest way for me to find what I want to listen to, is the same site as listed in the post that brought me here  - It is set up nicely and easy to find exactly what you like to read or are in the mood for. I think Spotify is on the right track with audiobooks and I for one am thrilled to have so many wonderful choices. I am an avid reader and can't begin to thank Spotify for adding these FREE audiobooks.   All genres are represented and even brand new releases are available. I think Spotify will increase their library and more and more people will find it is there "to go" place for listening to audiobooks. I also listen to so many great PODCASTS on Spotify. Thank you so much Spotify for making my life so much more enjoyable.  I have a chromebook and am happy with all that is offered. I also have have a  premium membership and just want to say, not only is it is the best money I spend on a monthly basis for all that is offered, but, hope more people will pay for premium rather than use the premium service but NOT pay for it. If we want Spotify to grow and offer us the best, than it is only fair to pay for it. Thanks Spotify for keeping my life interesting.  Nothing is perfect and to expect it to be is foolish. Finally, as someone else mentioned, my only problem using Spotify is trying to decide wether or not to listen to music, a podcast or an audiobook!!!  Once again, (In case someone missed the previous link) here, again is the link to finding thousands of books on Spotify: - I never really know where to leave messages etc, so please forgive me if I have left this in the wrong area. I do find the community message boards confusing. Hope I did this correctly and it helps someone find what they are looking for.  Please give credit to the previous person who listed this same link as it was already posted before I wrote this. I stumbled across it and it is listed as RE: "Audiobooks on Spitify - Lets build a list of whats available" by member Nazgulina

You can use Spooks for this:

What is really needed if listening to audiobooks is the ability to bookmark.   Is this available?

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