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Breaking benjamin albums missing

Breaking benjamin albums missing



So i noticed a few weeks ago, nearly all Breaking benjamin albums were removed from spotify and its been really bothering me since i found this out. There is only one album on spotify now.  Can spotify re add them back? Do i post in here to ask for spotify to help in such a situation? Thanks

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Hi. Please check out point 5 of the music FAQ which explains what you can do about missing content.

The music / artist I'm looking for isn't on Spotify. Now what?!
Many folks in the Community have requested certain tracks, albums or artists be added to Spotify. The reality is that we would like to have all the world's music available on Spotify. Therefore, anything which we have the right to upload and has been provided to us, should be available on Spotify.

We are signing new labels and adding great music every week. Hopefully your favourite music will be up soon.

If you still can't find the music you're looking for, try contacting the artist or record label and ask why the music isn't on Spotify.


You cant be serious!?

Unfortunately, that is the way it is. Record labels control what content is available, not Spotify themselves.

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I don't remember Spotify ever having Saturate, We Are Not Alone or Dear Agony? They do have Blow me Away which is pretty good..


But everyone who's only heard Phobia is seriously missing out on their older stuff!


but there already was all the albums on spotify. You cant just simply ask paying users to "contact" a famous recording artist/group. That is insane

Plenty of coantact points on their site. Publishers pull music and only publishers can put it back. This may be connected with the band's legal dispute in some way but the only way to find out is to ask.

dear agony is now on my spotify.

Olá, como ficou isso ? 

Ainda não tem o Phobia, que pra mim é o melhor album.


Existe alguma forma de solicitar a equipe do Spotify a fazer a adição do album ? 

Ta virando quase um sonho ter o Phobia..

Spotify, porque nao ter o melhor album do Breaking Benjamin na plataforma?! 😞 rs

if licensing policy changed it is possible that spotify is no longer able to us the songs

Phobia needs to be uploaded in Spotify. I was wondering why I can´t find the Diary of Jane, turns out the album doesn´t show for me. I live in Peru. Is there a way we can address the labels to show 'em there are users that want to listen to their songs?

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