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Can't delete music anymore in my daily mix

Can't delete music anymore in my daily mix


There a few days ago, i can be able to delette some songs i don't like in all my daily mix.

Now, i can't do it anymore...

Someone can help me?



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Hey @vinc42120 


I'd recommend reinstalling your Spotify client, it might need a little refresh. 🙂

Follow this article on how to, I also suggest restarting your device before installing for the freshest start!


Let me know how you get on 🙂

Hey Sebasty,


Thank you for your (fast) answer, but i always got the issue before Reinstalling and restart device.

To explain better my issue, when i click on the three point of the track in my daily mix, i have "remove from this playlist" but it doesn't active, i can't click on it.

Few days ago it was active!!


Dunno if others got the same issue...


This really disappointed 😞


Thank you a lot for the answer,






I'd suggest checking out this Ongoing Issue and reading its Status Update on what to do. Spotify is currently investigating this. 🙂


Normally a Daily mix should have two icons: a heart and a 🚫 symbol for each track. What you're seeing sounds more like a playlist rather than the endless mix.


Hope this helps, have a nice day!



My issue is the same than the issue in the link above.

a heart and a 🚫 symbol for each track -> i don't have it anymore but like the link above they are still available for Discover Weekly and Release Radar.

Not for the daily mix!! -> Yes^^ it s like in a normal playlist where u normally can't.


Now I guess/hope the tech team is working on it.


Thank you very much for your answers Sebasty!




...and yes its not an endless playlist anymore (it was few days ago), that dailymix is now a 50 tracks list maybe its the reason it don't work anymore...


Have a nice day too!

The same thing happened to me i cant clik the 'remove' button 


I've also lost the remove option and it means my daily mixes are getting very repetitive which is boring as **bleep**. 


Hopefully spotify sort this out soon. 


also a problem on my desktop version as well on PC. 


There was an update and now it is the same for me, and I notice some visual differences, aesthetics sort of stuff.  But the "block" option has disappeared from the daily mixes and words "Remove from this Playlist" is dithered and unavailable.  I do not like this at all.  It forces me to have to manually skip over songs and artists that I do not like without being able to indicate that I don't want to hear that song or that artist anymore.  SUCKS! 


The suggested article at  was closed months ago is not a resolution to this issue.

I have the same issue, spotify team please fix the issue, long time with this open.

Hello everyone, 


This is intended behaviour of Daily Mix. 
The Daily Mixes have been limited to 50 songs each and the dislike button has been removed. 

If you have Autoplay enabled in your Settings, it will mimic the endless quality of the old Daily Mixes.

If you want to see the dislike feature back, make sure to add your +VOTE on this idea.  



I just leave Deezer and come back on spotify (main reason: for spotify connect function)

I can see that there is always problem to remove song from our daily mix.

Its very disapointed for me, why we just can't remove songs we don't like in the playlist made for us to enjoy it?

why you force us to listen songs we don't like ? Seriously??


well, with flow, deezer let u remove song u don't like, on this point deezer is really better!


I hope u will fix it in the future.


Have a good day,




Same here, several months after your post...

Agreed. Songs I hate appear in daily mix and can't be disliked or removed, grr!

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