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Choosing Genres

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Is there a way to choose the Genres I'm interested in, and then get only the new releases for that Genre shown in the Android app? That would be pretty useful. Qobuz allows me to do it that way. I listen to Classical music and some Film Music/Soundtracks, and showing only releases from those genres would make things a lot more streamlines for me.



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I went ahead and moved your message off of the new releases thread, and made the post it's own individual post and the start of a new thread.



Have you checked out the GENRES & MOODS in the Spotify Android App? To get to it when the Spotify Android app is open, tap on the Hamburger looking icon upper left next to the words HOME, or swipe from left to right to open the left Tab options menu, tap on Browse, then swipe up until you get to GENRES & MOODS, each of these should have popular album releases listed, curated playlists from top playlisters on the Spotify service, and top artists listened too as well from each Genre, and also any new releases added to the Spotify service. Check it out if you have not already?



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