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Christian Genre Removed?!

Christian Genre Removed?!

Why has the Christian Genre been removed?

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Eric, surely you’re not serious? No longer viable?! There’s been an explosion of high-quality (and some admittedly not so great) Christian music in the past 20 years and more! If there was still a Christian genre you’d be able to find it easily, but a good ‘ol fashioned search will have to do until then 🙂 Thanks for the playlist - I’ll check it out. God bless!

Online web player URL:


You cannot find Christian nor Inspirational genre in "Genres & Moods".


You cannot enable/disable/ make visible various genres under my account. 



Enough talking. Today I cancelled my Spotify premium subscription.


On the feedback form, I wrote: "that in my opinion, the only logical explanation why Spotify is ignoring their premium customers for more than 4 months on restoring back Christian genre, is that Spotify became Christianophobe".

Change org petition started in Australia after no resolution on this with Spotify this week:


Christian isn't really a genre. It's a topic. Any genre of music can be 'Christian'

No such thing as a Christian artist, Christian movie, Christian book,
Christian store, hexk ecen Christian person then. Your logic astounds me.
=P Spotify can say goodbye.

I just checked on Spotify and found that the Christian genre is still there. Have you tried closing and re-opening your Spotify app? I would suggest looking again. Hope you have a great day! 

We understand it is still available in some territories but not in Australia, New Zealand and some other places. A petition was started some months ago but in spite of 100s of votes still no movement or clear explanation from Spotify. Can’t understand why something so easy and with widespread community support is so difficult to restore! Spotify - please listen to this community!

Something I also hated with Spotify, is it was rather hard to find types of
Christian music. And, when do you find some songs, playlist, to listen to
while doing your work or like, once played out, it inevitably goes to some
other songs from mainstream music that'd you'd not care to listen to. Read
the signs a bit better of what people are listening to and queue a songs
accordingly (perhaps they are and just like trying being annoying). This is
why I've turned to YouTube more and more and just my own music collection,
Spotify has failed me so...

i think it may be to show religious equality but i have no idea. so wird out of all the genres out there that this one would get rid of

I put "christian" in the Spotify search and found all the playlists. 🙂

You can still check out mine which is labelled Gospel 124204473

IT'S BACK!!! :Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 8.25.49 pm.png

Well, I had a playlist for the Klezmonauts Oy to the World - Xmas carols in klezmer style, and I just discovered it has been deleted. Wondered if it was censored ans non-christian. Now seeing this thread I wonder. I sent a message to Spotify yesterday and got back an automatic response promising a reply. We'll see.

You can still search for Christian playlists. You might also like that.

What's ridiculous is, the rainbow should be on the Christian genre cover art and the word, "Pride" should be used on cover art for U.S. themed playlists, but they're used to push something else. As Christians, ya'll know what the rainbow really represents.

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I was floored when I didn't see the Genre listed.  

In the meantime, please accept my playlist suggestion.  God bless you guys

Saw this thread while searching for "band incorrectly labeled as 'explicit'"  I've been listening to the Darrell Mansfield Band and now find that their music is listed as explicit.  Not sure how "Walk with me Jesus" or "People Get Ready" is now explicit...

There are some notes along the way in the forums that say that perhaps the source is marking them that way - but I'm not sure how to find that information.

Any thoughts? (Screen shot below)


Thanks -


Why is the Christian genre not able to be found in a search as in previous

It seems I am being marginalised by religion by Spotify.
Is that true?
That's not cool.

I prefer to listen to the Christian Charts - Top 50 Christian Hits.
Where is that Genre?

We petitioned a long time ago for the Christian genre to be restored in New Zealand and some other countries. It was eventually restored by Spotify and is still there. You don’t need to search for it ... it should appear in the list of Genres when you Search (just select Browse All). Hope this helps 🙂

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