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Christian Genre Removed?!

Christian Genre Removed?!

Why has the Christian Genre been removed?

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Response from Spotify to me. Seemed to solve it. But still annoying this has been renamed and removed from the main page.


Hello there,

Thanks for reaching out to us. We understand that you're not seeing the Christian music under genres and mood section of the app. Please let us explain what's happening here.

The Christian music was not removed from our catalog but was renamed as Inspirational music. Here's a direct URI, spotify:genre:inspirational which you can copy and paste on the app to find it. You can also search it from the app.

Let us know if there's anything else we could help you with.

Have a nice day,


Spotify Customer Support

Well, "Inspirational" I guess is much less offensive to many people, will result in less safe spaces being required, than seeing "Christ"-ian. =P

Well we have an answer but ‘Inspirational’ is not necessarily  ‘Christian’ music and not the response we were hoping for! Spotify please reconsider and hear the community! 170+ votes along with more posts than many other requests must tell you that we take this seriously.  

When last has anyone actually seen the “inspirational” genre.

Yeah it replaced the Christian genre, and I used it for a while but that also has disappeared from the Genre & Moods section.

Agreed. I can not see it either

Checked again on the Mobile App (Iphone), Windows 10 App and the Edge Browser.


There is no Inspirational Genre that you can browse for, that and the Christian Genre has been removed. There are 36 other Genres . . . . but no Christian or Inspirational on the Genres and Moods section


I can only find the "inspirational page' by using this link

But it only works on a browser, not on the App (Iphone or Windows)


If anyone has another way of getting there please let us know.

Remember to save your favourite playlists 🙂


Paste this into the search bar of the app. That should work spotify:genre:inspirational

You da man!!


Where are you vaalseun? Seems there are different genres available according to territory .

Western Australia is where i am at.


Thanks to abj94 i can now get to the inspirational page by typing in spotify:genre:inspirational in the Spotify-App-Search

Which then strangely enough displays "Christian" as the lable (evidence attached)



Untitled picture.png

I got this reply, so seems like they’re listening and looking into it and will change it!


“Actually, our tech folks are currently looking into this why the Chrisian genre is not displaying on the Genre section. But no need to worry! They're doing their best to quickly get back the Christian Genre back and accessible for you without typing anything :)”


I can believe that they have taken this off spotify and placed a **bleep** Pride playlist instaed. Its the way the world is going, out the door with anything to do with God and all wordly things getting glorified. How horrible is it that i have to respect everyone eles,s beliefs but when it comes to our beliefs and values, we are shoved out the door...


I am in the UK and neither the Christian nor the Inspirational genres show on the main page. You have to manually search for "christian" or "gospel" to have any chance of seeing it. Same when I am in Nigeria.

Forget the feel-good curated replies Spotify are giving you. They are merely being polite in telling you to forget about it. That genre is gone for good in regions it can no longer be found. The war on Christianity is real and deliberate. They have to remove anything Christian any chance they get. Its everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, name it.


I don't sweat it anymore.


Please bring the inspirational Genre back. And new content would be nice, too.

I can't believe they did that! I'm really annoyed because it was always so easy to pick from various Christian subgenres and artists from one central location!


Anyone know any other music streaming services which support christian music, happy to put my $$ where it serves best.



Hey everyone


I've started a petition on to get Spotifys attention and bring the christian genre back! 


Please please sign it so we can see some actual change!

Hey everyone


I've started a petition on to get Spotify to bring back the christian genre, as no obvious change has occured from our petitions within this community!


Please vote to see change!

There's just not enough of this genre released in the last 20 years for it to be viable, in my opinion.  Also many people who listen to Christian music also listen to mainstream music as well so it's all grouped together.

I made a Gospel playlist on my profile 124204473 everyone can suggest adds and I will consider them.  Please FOLLOW it if you listen to it.



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