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Christian Genre Removed?!

Christian Genre Removed?!

Why has the Christian Genre been removed?

110 Replies

Voting at the ‘Christian Genre bring it back to the genre page’ ideas post has reached 101 now so should trigger a review by Spotify according to their procedures. I’ve also written again to to be sure they’re aware.

Great news 

Thanks for the efforts! Here's hoping they change... 

it disappeared in australia!

so dissapointed...

Yes, no-one knows why it was removed in Australia and New Zealand and Spotify haven’t said why either, but please scroll back to find an ‘ideas’ post where you can add your vote to have it restored. We already have the 100+ votes needed to have Spotify review this case - even though it’s not a new idea anyway, but rather a response to its removal and every vote adds weight to it. Thanks!


That's correct I have been using it & since then I lodged complaints to them with the same response. Please reinstall as it does reflect on our end!!!!

Make your voice heard

Keep voting, but remember to be kind and curtious, we are only passing through... 😉

Spotify please put the Christian genre back, it made it so much easier to listen to when it was easy to find.

At last check from Spotify Web Player via Google Chrome, the CHRISTIAN genre is still there. But at the same time, the CLASSICAL genre is missing.Christian.JPG

Thanks rlzmrl, but where are you located? Evidently the Christian genre is still available in the USA and perhaps other places (?), but not in Australia & New Zealand  - yet we do still have the Classical genre. It would be good to get some feedback from the UK & Canada, and also some other regions.


So folks do keep voting (see a previous post for the link) and also email with your request. Here’s the reply I received today when I queried why no-one can say if or when it will be reinstated:


We apologize for any hassle this has caused. The reason we can't say when will this be returned is that this is still being investigated by many departments on our end. This takes time and as of the moment, we don't have any updates yet regarding this.

We also want a positive outcome, as your happiness is our priority. We also know how important it is to be listening to your preferred songs. We'll definitely make sure to let the right people that you contacted us about this and that many people are waiting for an update on this issue.

Just keep checking our Community where we keep everyone informed about any updates regarding ideas and certain issues being sent by our fellow customers.


I just don’t understand why this has to be “investigated by many departments” ... surely it’s a relatively straightforward process?

I'm from Asia, specifically Singapore. Seems like this is a region-related issue uh.

Yep looks that way. Thanks for the quick reply 🙂

Staffy777 said:

Did a bit of checking on Christian Playlists, just in case they thought there was not enough interest in Christian Genre...

Hillsong Playlists combined 5.5 MILLION



Maybe we should be petitioning Hillsong rather than Spotify direct. Surely Hillsong won't like the idea of losing listeners?

I think I know why on my side, Classical Genre is missing.

It seems to me that some of the playlists from there have been merged into Chill Genre instead.

Great to see 150+ votes on the bring back Christian genre post now 🙂 From other replies we know that the Christian genre is available in USA and Singapore but not in New Zealand or Australia. Any other territories that have, or don’t have it?

I signed in via a US proxy and couldn't see the Christian genre. But, it
could I suppose be software related caching. Really -- if people at Spotify
made a decision to remove the genre, you can guarantee some SJW was
responsible. Don't expect it back.

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