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Christian Genre Removed?!

Christian Genre Removed?!

Why has the Christian Genre been removed?

110 Replies

Hey cait345 and Gig Goer (sorry I used Gig ‘Spider’ before - that’s a friend’s nickname!)


Great to see the community working and encouraging if they said they’ll restore it. My only thing with using and the like is that they can provoke negative backlash and more complaints when other routes are available - and we need to give Spotify some time to follow up on their promise 🙂

LOL as you can tell I’m new to this community! Previously I just got on with enjoying my music! Got it now cait345 that you’re a Gig Goer! 

Well, that would actually be homosexual pride (gay is everyone's word and means happy and also means flamboyant, not homosexual), which is not even a genre; it's just that they are trying to infiltrate everything and so many people and organizations want to jump on the bandwagon to support what is popular. But remember, what's popular isn't always right. I never noticed anything about the Christian genre, or sub-genre being gone. I was just going through posts and just saw this and was curious. If ya'll want it back, then start spreading a link to this post on social media, or start other posts.



Are ya'll referring to it being missing from the list of genres, under "Browse"? I saw that it's still there. I just checked. I have noticed that they support other ridiculous things like this attached playlist.


This is about right.

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  • Hi madmanonwheels, yes we’re all referring to the ‘Christian’ genre no longer showing. I just checked again and still can’t see it in the browse genres/moods section, though evidently Spotify have promised to restore it. Can you post a screen shot? BTW while we could use social media to ask for it to be restored, in my experience this could stir up negative comments and more complaints from those who don’t want it, so I’d prefer to give Spotify a few days to follow through on the promise ... cheers 🙂

OK so since I posted my reply your screenshot came through in full, definitely showing the Christian genre. I’m wondering then if its been removed in certain countries. FYI, I’m in New Zealand. Where are you?

Hey, I'm sorry. I accidentally hit the "Accept as a Solution" button and don't know how to reverse it. I'm in the United States. That's weird that is showing up, only in certain places.

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I was able to reverse it.

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No worries! I’d be interested to know what countries the others in this group live in so we can see if the genres available are dffierent in each country. Think I’ll message tech support also ...

I'm in Australia, and it isn't visible. Probably Spotify thinking that
since "gay marriage" vote passed, it's all good to go the extra mile and
remove a genre which only "bigoted" Christians would like.

I'm in New Zealand too

Sounds good 

OK thanks guys - so it seems NZ and Australia at least can’t access the Christian genre ... but now I can’t find any way to contact Tech support. Only FAQs and this community, and FB messaging is disabled too. Anyone know how to contact Spotify Tech or Customer support directly?

Sorry. No idea 

I'm in Aotearoa New Zealand too.


I cannot find the way I contacted them the first time on their website - maybe it has been removed.


But send an email to:


You should be able to reach them that way.

Thanks cait345. I’ve emailed them and waiting for their reply. Also if everyone can search for ‘Christian Genre bring it back to the genre page’ in this community you can vote there for it to be restored.

OK, just got this reply from Spotify support and have already replied to say that while we can vote to have it restored (we need 100 - see my last post) we don’t understand why this should be necessary as it was removed by Spotify, so isn’t as though its a new idea.



Thank you for getting in touch. We're sorry to hear that one of your favorite features is no longer available. No worries, we can sort this out.

We’d love to have all the world’s music, podcasts, and videos available on Spotify in every country - and hopefully one day we will!

We know that the genre being available is very important to you so we encourage you to support it on our ideas board. It looks like other Spotify customers also share your idea. You can add your voice to it by giving it a like!

Be sure to keep an eye on the status of the idea too, ideas that reach 100 votes are reviewed by the Community team on a monthly basis, and are then passed onto the right folks here at Spotify.

It is approaching 100 likes, so hopefully that will help.

Unfortunately it looks like what you got from Spotify was probably a cut and paste response, so I don't hold much hope that they will do much about it. After all, as you said, this was a genre that was already present until very recently, so Spotify have all the data they need on how popular it was. They hardly need to test the waters in the community here where far less of their users ever set a virtual foot. 

You’re right Kiwitank. It is just a c/p reply but at least we have a target now. We only need 17 more to vote, so let’s hope we get that from this community and I’ve posted the link on my FB page too.

Hi there

Where do I go to add my vote?

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