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Corrupted files?

Corrupted files?

I'm currently listening to the No Sleep Podcast and episodes from season 2 up to season 5 are corrupted. The audio are cartoon-like as if the files were played at a faster pace. The episodes before that and some parts of season 5 are played as normal, though. Can spotify look into this please? thank you.

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Unfortunately, this is not Spotify's problem. This issue most likely comes from the makers of the Podcast. Judging from your discription of the problem, and where the problem exist; I am pretty sure the podcaster has changed codecs somewhere down the line. Why? I'm sure it was to try and make their files more compatible accross feeds. The best course of action would be to contact the podcaster and let them know. It is possile that they are unaware of the problem (especially if they ahve more then several podcasts accross different platforms).

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