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Creating playlist as an artist


Creating playlist as an artist



Recently I created a playlist that I would like to have shown on my verified artist page, but the playlist says it is created by my own name (Jonah Newton), rather than my artist name. I've seen that many artists have their playlists created by their artist name, how do you do this?



Jonah (Equator)
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Hello everyone.


At this point it is not possible to create playlists directly through your artist profile.

  • If you want to create a playlist and have it visible on your artist page, please follow the steps as written here. If you wish to have your artist/band name as the creator of the playlist, just create a new account and give it the name you want.
  • If you want to remove a playlist from your artist page, please follow the steps as written here.

If you still need help or have any questions, feel free to reply here and I'll do my best to help. 🙂


Happy listening!


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Hey - You'll need to register for Spotify For Artists here and create the playlist within that ecosystem instead of the user account. More about S4A here.

it doesn't say how to create an artist playlist there, and no one seems to have a way that works

I have Spotify for Artists and my artist account has been verified, as you can see by the blue tick and 'Edit Images' button. There is nowhere on the Spotify for Artists site that says how to do this, and there is nowhere in that interface to actually create a playlist under the artist name.

Ah got it - i'm so sorry - i skimmed through the post first time around. due to the way Spotify For Artists is set up there isn't a way to set up a playlist with the name Equator unless you register another user account under that username. it's a bit of a hiccup with the new system as it's hard to make any playlists look official when an artists personal name (or random username) is tied to the playlist on a page. 


the only workaround i have at the moment would be to create a new user account with the username euqtor or equatorofficial and create playlists there then use those on the artist page. not the best answer but really the only option at this moment in time. 

Looks like they were verified before Spotify For Artists - that process (which is no longer available) required you to have a user page to sync to the artist page and when that sync happened the username in the user page automatically updated to the artist name. 


Now that user pages do my sync to the artist page we run into the issue that you're having. 

I am wondering the same thing... 

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Hey @musicoflola! 


Can you give me some details of exactly what you'd like to do and a link to your artist page please? Maybe we can troubleshoot. Thanks!  

I have the same problem, been trying to solve it for weeks now and don't get any reply from the Support.

I am having the same problem I am a verified artist. But I cannot make a playlist as an artist. It shows my username instead. This needs to be solved/ammended pretty quickly!

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 19.51.46.png
Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 19.51.55.png

Hey - 


I totally hear you guys - it's really frustrating to not have the official band name on playlists. How about you post in the Ideas board and prompt others to give it some kudos?

Just tweeting them. Always get a better response that way x

Hope this helps prompt a more permanent fix! 

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 23.16.39.png


I also don't understand why it says "Choose playlists you made on Spotify to feature on your profile" when you can't even search for them.

Hey! I was poking around in the platform and noticed if you click that + button then plug in a playlist link it should return the playlist you want. Does that help at all?

It works! However, it still says "created by theurbanpig" instead of the artist name.

I tried setting up an account with our band name but because I had created one before but deleted it right away, I seem not to be able to use the username again. I also can't log into it. 

Yeah that seems to be the overarching issue with this new playlisting feature. Looks like someone else got some help via our Twitter friends in this thread: 


Could you maybe try creating another profile with 'bandname'official or official'bandname' or 'bandname'music to get around the username already been used?


Also would be good to vote up this idea to let the team know that what we want

Does anyone has a step by step workaround for this issue?!


I tried creating user with the same name as artist but it looks ugly as link goes to user account instead of artist 😞


I checked a lot of artist pages (even relatively new artists) and everybody has a correct link... Please help with it!

I sincerely hope that Spotify is not expecting artists to pay a monthly fee to be their administrators. 

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