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The Release Radar email I received today tells me there is new music from Electric Light Orchestra; except there isn't. In fact it concerns a young man named Elo who has made a recording with another young man named Selebrity. I appreciate there may be some crossover between fans of the two acts' music (ELO and Elo) but I do not feature in that particular intersection. This isn't the first time that Spotify has billed 'Elo' as 'Electric Light Orchestra', so can a differentiation be made somewhere please?

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I've received the same notifications a couple of times. This is a bit annoying, you see the notification and think that Jeff Lynne has released some new stuff only to find that it is something totally different. I think Spotify needs to rework some of their dictionary/labelling functions


I think this is an error with Spotify's algorithm. It automatically thinks that "ELO" is the Electric Light Orchestra. [I've found at least 20 artists named Elo on Discogs and everynoise.com]


The Electric Light Orchestra did not perform on the following albums.


"Do You Want More?!!??!" and "Home Grown! The Beginner's Guide To Understanding The Roots (Vol. 1)" (both should be moved to spotify:artist:6dqNUUKRGDPV8KjKjATU30)




"The Return of S.T.O." (should be moved to spotify:artist:3TH3Vz1EsSjNly0hMVgXw0)


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