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Failure to Remove Pornographic Video Podcast Content

Failure to Remove Pornographic Video Podcast Content



I am a longtime premium user and have enjoyed being a Spotify customer for a while, but I am quite discouraged by the high amount of policy violating (pornographic) content that is available, particularly with the recent focus on Video Podcasts. I identified and flagged this content to Spotify four days ago via the recommended chat flow, but they have yet to take action on the report.


Has anyone else had success with flagging violating content? Can someone help me get this removed from the Spotify ecosystem? The number of videos available tells me that they may not be taking this seriously enough, particularly when it takes 3-4 days after reporting to take action on something that is clearly upsetting and a violation of their own policies.


Here are three links for context (though be warned that the content of the video podcasts is very graphic, so I don't recommend watching):

2 Replies

Hello, welcome to our community!

I would like to thank you for informing us about the inappropriate content found. On behalf of Spotify, I would like to inform you that I have forwarded the case to the responsible department and they will investigate the matter and take appropriate actions, including requesting the cancellation of the reported channel.


I apologize on behalf of Spotify for the discomfort caused by this content and would like to reassure you that a team is already committed to your case. To avoid this type of content from appearing in your Spotify feed again, I recommend that you avoid clicking on suspicious podcasts or other media.


Thank you again for bringing this matter to our attention and please know that we are taking all necessary measures to ensure that our service continues to provide quality and safe content for all of us Spotify users and lovers.

Warm regards and have a great weekend!


Do you happen to know how long it normally takes Spotify to remove this type of content? It's been 5 days since first reporting, and nothing has happened. Also, I understand how algorithmic recommendations work, but I also would expect some accountability and ownership from the company on quickly removing this type of content when it's identified.

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