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False Copyright Claim

False Copyright Claim

Someone have made a false claim for our published albums and they've been suspended from Spotify!

We already have presented all the supporting documentation of our rights on our music to our digital distributor (Ditto Music). We can not understand how any third party can produce this result without legal elements that sustain their position.
Please help me to solve this!

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Hi there!


That sounds very very annoying and you came to the right place for help. The first thing I would do is contact the service representitives and if that does not help talk to your record distrubutor also, try reposting them.


Please like (It would mean alot)

Hey @Jeites 


Like @Ethan_Moore004 said, I’d recommend reaching out to Spotify for more help with this. You can find some more info here on how to do this. They should be able to help you with a content issue.



Jack 🙂

I haven't got a new reply from Ditto Music since April 18th!
I sent them the certificate from the DNDA (National Directorate of Copyright) that depends from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Argentina, where they prove that we are only phonographic producer of our albums.
Then I also sent them the list of songs registered by SADAIC (Argentine Society of Authors, Performers and Composers) in which the only owners of each song are the actual members of the band.

Spotify only replies that we have to contact Ditto... and they won't give us any real support on this issue.

The claimant have NO RIGHTS over our music. He only is making this false claim to harm us.

I hope that Spotify is on the side of the artists!! But I'm loosing that faith.


I also face this issue 4 time my hatters send me fake copyright notice just filling the spotify infringement form. Spotify infringement policy is worst. Even they don't give chance for counter attack like youtube they just take their decision or instantly give us notice on fake claim too. How can you send a copyright infringement notice to anyone like this? In this way anyone come and fill your infringement notice form or send fake copyright infringement notice to any independent artists. In this way the career of the independent artist will be in danger. In this way, our haters will continue to send us such fake copyright notices without any reason by filling your copyright infringement form. Please find a solution for this. 

This issue is very much still a problem. I found myself going through something very similar.

One of my songs was recently made unavailable and I was curious to know why. Later that week received a DM on Instagram from someone stating they were the ones who reported it and took it down. I was cautious when creating my song to not use any samples, loops, or anything that could potentially be owned by someone else. What this person then wrote in the DM's on Instagram made me lose all hope. They said the reason they decided to report my song for copyright infringement and take it down was that they wanted to make a song with the same title as mine and not have to compete with my song in the search algorithm. How is this possible for someone to do?

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