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Global/Regional Charts

Global/Regional Charts

Hey there!


I have some questions about how streams are calculated for Global Charts, such as:


- The streams that are counted in the Global Charts, but do not belong to as especific territory/region (the surplus, after we add the regional ones) are only from the ones in which the song didn't reach the minimal for the regional chart or they amount also to the ones of territories/regions that still don't have a regional chart?


 - And what is the criteria for a territory/region to have a regional chart?


I would really apreciate if someone could answer me these, since I haven't found these informations elsewhere!

2 Replies

Hi, welcome to our community! Are you an artist or band with your music available on Spotify? Then you can track your statistics and insights on the Spotify for Artists platform. It's a free tool that allows you to see how your music is performing and better understand your audience.


Recently, Spotify for Artists underwent an update and is now even more complete and intuitive. Now, you can see detailed information on how your music is performing in different locations, as well as understand which playlists are driving your streams. Additionally, the new "Audience" section helps you understand demographic details about your listeners, from age range to gender, and also provides information on engagement with your latest release.


Another feature is the ability to customize your artist profile on Spotify, by adding a cover image and highlighting your biography, discography, and even ticket sales and promotional merchandise. With a complete and updated profile, fans will have more information about you, your music, and where you will be performing next.

Spotify for Artists also offers tools to promote your music, such as the ability to send new music directly to Spotify's editorial teams. This can increase your chances of being added to playlists and reaching even more people.


To access Spotify for Artists, simply log in with your Spotify account and follow the instructions. It's important to make sure your music is available on the platform to access the statistics. With this information in hand, you can make informed decisions about your music career and achieve even more success on Spotify. I hope I explained everything correctly, best of luck and success on your next release!



Thank you for the welcoming message and all the information provided.


But no, I am not an artist, only a fan who started gathering chart's data as of lately and came across these questions. I was hoping the answers to them would help me reach a better understanding of the plataform and, therefore, said data. 

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