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How do I block someone on Spotify?! I cannot do it through the messages tab.

How do I block someone on Spotify?! I cannot do it through the messages tab.

How do I block someone on Spotify? I have someone that I really don't want to be following me on Spotify but they won't unfollow me. I have tried to do it through the messages technique but I have not messaged this person so it did not work. Is there any other solution? 🙂

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Hey @livjayne


It's currently not possible to block users, however there is a strong Idea for blocking followers - please give it your support. 🙂


If you'd like to hide your music preferences from them, you can make your playlists secret and also hide your recently played artists and recent activity from Spotify users.


Let me know if you have any questions on this or anything else ::)

Thank you 🙂

Wild that this is the only solution - you have to make all of your social data secret to everyone to evade a stocker, an ex, or an abuser? This seems unethical on Spotify's part. I really hope they address this by simply allowing what every other social app (from facebook to allows their users to do. People should not have to close themselves off from all of their friends to hide from an abuser because of Spotify's laziness (or exploitation, as sharing music is business for them)

Il y a deux personne qui m'ont abonnés, mais je ne veux pas qui me suivent.


je veux qu'il me désabonne ces deux personnes:


NOTE: spotify keeps changing the "Updated on" date of the "Status Update" thread you link to so that it looks like they haven't slept on the proposal for 5 years.


It's incredibly sneaky - they're not going to do anything about this without a lot of pressure.

It is currently not a possibility. 

Hi, since blocking is not possible yet I've found another creative solution to let your unwanted follower know that you want them to leave you in peace without directly contacting them. 


I've made a playlist  - the message is very hard to miss, lol. For me it actually worked within minutes, my unwated follower seems to have unfollowed me now.


In case I make it private, it has these songs:

F*ck Off - Pist Idiots

Go Away - TOPS

Stop - Spice Girls

Leave Me Alone - Filipp Dinero

Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac

F*ck You - Lily Allen

Just Go Away - Blondie

**bleep** Off - FFS

Take Out The Trash - They Might Be Giants

Gett Off My Back - Screeching Weasel

Who Invited You - The Donnas

You Are The Problem Here - First Aid Kit

Leave Me Alone - Michael Jackson


Obviously not to listen to, I just put it on repeat for a while with the sound off. 

Make sure you make the title of your playlist in caps "STOP FOLLOWING ME, PLEASE" and add a description to your heart's desire. Make sure it's a public playlist too. 


I've hidden all my other activity except for this playlist and usually hid the rest of my activity, unless I'd listen to this playlist then I'd go off Private Mode. 


Good luck, I hope it helps you out. ❤️

cancelled my spotify subscripotion over this. A stalker I have a restraining order against follows me and Spotify says there's nothing they can do about it. Since they can see my favourite bands they can easily find me at local shows. Thanks Spotify! Making it easier for stalkers everywhere!

I'm having the same issue with a stalker I already blocked from all my other social accounts, but he's keeping tabs on me thought Spotify... I really don't want to go all private, as I have close friends who enjoy my playlists, and they share it with their friends too... There should be a way to do this—basic stuff.

Hi @zigmas,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this.


Sorry to hear that you're having such an experience.


As @Sebasty has already mentioned it's not possible to block people from following you. It's also a good move to add your +Vote to the idea they suggested.


What you can do is create a new account and transfer your Library and the people/artists you follow like described in this guide


Hope this helps.

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Thanks, @Alex,
I already +Voted the idea. Hoping that it will come sometime soon into the app.
Yes, thanks for that other solution, altho I would prefer not to lose my user account as the nickname is very important to me. For now, I'll take care of the stalker in other ways.


it is NOW possible to do it! finally! just go to the profile and select the options, you can block now!:D

I want to block someone aswell but it won't allow me to which is annoying because I'm not paying to be reminded of someone that was horrible to me.

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