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Missing music on Pat Metheny's album "We Live Here"

Missing music on Pat Metheny's album "We Live Here"

5 songs out of 9 are unavaiable on the playlist, and I really like "And then I knew" song on that album.

I was just wondering where they went, as it's been a month since they've gone missing.

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I just did a quick look-up for this release. Is this the release you are posting about?


There are two versions of this release on the Spotify service depending on listening location, the other release is here.


Release currently not available in these listening locations on the Spotify service:




Yes this is the album I was talking about, just wondering if it's just me that is having an issue or if it's worldwide.




This is how it looks for me. Can I get some love for Pat?



Not sure, have you tried one of the other versions I posted? Maybe the release was updated with a new version of the same content? When licenses run out on releases on the Spotify service a new version is sometimes uploaded in place of outdated licenses, sometimes checking another version posted reveals missing content available again. Otherwise I would have to use Spotify's web API and go song by song from the release to see which songs have become restricted by region. Not knowing your listening region, I posted the two versions showing available from a third party search service for the Spotify service.



The version available on my country (portugal) is the following:

The other version is not available, so I still cannot reveal the missing content



Yep, sorry for some reason by going through and looking at the access from the song list on the album, using the Spotify Web API: some songs on that release for Portugal "is_playable" : false," which means those songs are not available for play in your listening region. I am not sure why?


I just noticed from albums available for me on the Pat Metheny solo artist page:

some albums for me have greyed out tracks, not playable for me from a US access account either, so it is probable a label / artist issue with certain tracks in some listening locations on select releases, not sure why though?


I did notice from the third party service look-up the label information is slightly different for each release available in different listening markets on the Spotify service, and with different copyright years, could be an issue? 

yesterday I noticed the same thing! 

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