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Need help finding a song

Need help finding a song

So I was in the car heading to school this morning a bit late around 7:50 when this Spanish song came on the radio. It sounded so nice and calm but I can't find it. The only hints I have are that there is a trumpet in the background, it was a female singing with a really soft voice, and that's pretty much it.

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Hey there @joelgarcia1.

thanks for posting in the community !


Please try out this help guide on play queue and history and it might you figure out which song it was.


Hope this helps 😃

didn't hear it on spotify it was on the radio but thanks for the help

If it was on a radio station, it might be worth it to check out a website of theirs and see if there's a catalogue of songs that were played on that particular day.


However, Shazam would be really helpful for similar circumstances in the future. Additionally, you can add songs that you've Shazamed to your Spotify account for future listening.


Hope I helped in anyway. 🙂

Maybe Rosalia?


She is a great Spanish artist with a special voice and who is currently very successful worldwide.
Good Luck!

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