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New Releases Not Updating

New Releases Not Updating




South Africa


Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Desktop App

Operating System

Android, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Hi All.


So normally on a Friday the "New Releases" tab on the app would add loads of new albums/singles that have been released on the Friday. But for the last few weeks i am only having one, two or three albums/singles being added.


When i search for a specific track that i know has just been release i can find it but it does not show on the "New Releases" tab.


If anyone could advise as to how i could get it back to how it was previously - Thanks.

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Hey there @Nicholas23


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community, and welcome 🙂


We'd recommend performing a clean reinstall of the app. This is often an overlooked step, but it’s more thorough than a regular one and can be helpful to get rid of any cache that might be causing trouble.


If this doesn't do the trick, could you ask a friend or a family member to log in to their personal account using your device to see if they can replicate this?


We'll keep an eye out for your reply.

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The New Releases tab has disappeared from my Spotify after a recent update. Can I find it somewhere?

Hey there @stephenalieber


Thanks for getting in touch about this.


You can find the New Releases tab on the desktop app heading over to Search > New releases. Once you're there, you'll be able to see "The best new releases". 


If you can't see them, would you mind sending us a screenshot of what you're seeing in that section? Make sure not to send any private info. 


We'll be on the lookout.

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“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”– Maria von Trapp

Hey @novy

I have tried to perform a clean reinstall yesterday and nothing has changed..

After that, I also tried creating a new, free account, using a different email address. This attempt failed to fix the issue as well.

At this moment my 'New Releases' section has the album 'McCartney III Imagines' (out April 16) at the fourth position. This is terrible..

How can you help me please?


Hi @Gilshag87,


Thanks for the post.


Can you check if you see more recent releases when you click the See All on New Albums and Singles.


Keep us posted on how you get on.

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Hey Alex,


Not much ia better in that section as well. No high profile releases and the overall amount of new albums is very limited.


What can you guys do to help me out here?

Without having new releases readily available to me, I'd probably have to move on to Tidal/Apple.


Waiting to hear back from you,



Hey @Gilshag87,

Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

The New Releases shelves do update, however this does not happen in real time and sometimes this is dependent on different licensing and distribution factors that are out of Spotify's control. It is also worthwhile to check the What's New section (the bell icon on top of your mobile app's screen), there you will be able to see more current news about all of your followed artists and shows.

Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

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The new releases eection has not updated for months pn my phone, and has
done so on other accounts owned by friends of mine so what you said simply
isn't true.

Are you seriously saying that all of the users in Israel have this issue?

I'm also an Israel Spotify Premium user and also have still problem.
The fact that this hasn't been solved since around April 2021 is troubling... 6 months and still this "new albums" bug.. Spotify? can you please fix this?

I have same issue since months, I am in Bulgaria.  If Spotify cannot fix that bug, why they charge us for full amount ? 

How we can see what are the new albums and listen to them when the app is simply not working ? I pay to Spotify not to their contactors so I expect Spotify to resolve that issue?

Hey Spotify! 

The same issue happens to me. I have a Premium account and I'm in Portugal. I've got multiple friends that get weekly updates on their new releases tab, but mine stays the same. It's always showing the same albums. I've reinstalled the app and signed in with different accounts on my phone and desktop, and nothing changes. Is there another solution for this? It's very annoying not being able to access the right information and content on the app. 

Hi Novy,


I have the same issue since at least 2021 when I switched the country of my account from USA to Moldova. I have the same 4 albums showing in my New Releases & singles section since then, nothing is changing. I tried the clean install option but to no avail. How/when will this issue be fixed?








Desktop, and Samsung Note 10+ 

Operating System

Windows 11, Android 12


My Question or Issue

When I open the 'New releases' section on my account, it does not show any of the more recent album releases. It seems to have stuck at Harry Style's album (May 20, 2022), and it rarely gets updated while there are so many albums that have been released after that or even prior. (There is a newer album added in December, but that is the only new one!) Seems to be a narrated list but not updated at all. I used to check this list to find all the new music albums that were out, and it used to show albums by the artist I followed or had in my playlist, but this doesn't seem to happen now.

Is it a bug? Does it show the same list to other users?

Screenshot 2023-01-27 095952.jpg


I have the same issue with New releases stuck to stuff released 2 years ago. It used to work fine.

I have tried suggestions from different similar threads, but no help. 

Checked today with a few friends with a Premium plan and all have the same problem.

Does Spotify have any real Support or is it just Moderators assuming that reinstalling/resetting will work?

 Im also experiencing the same issue

Same issue. Why are we paying premium fee for a terrible service ?? Do something or you will forget about my 20 euro a month. 

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