Not Possible to Find Bands With 2 Character Names

Not Possible to Find Bands With 2 Character Names






Samsung Galaxy S7, PC, Sonos

Operating System

Android 8, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

It seems to not be possible to find bands with a two character name by that. It's likely that the same happens for songs but I have no example for that.


Searching for the band "Ra" I noticed that they don't show up in the results. Not in the overall page, not in the artists subsection. Not even when scrolling through the first couple of hundred results. Trying to search for "This Is Ra" resulted in the same.

The first result for me is "Rammstein" which is an understandable auto-complete and "Rage Against The Machine" and more bands/artists with "ra" in their name are fine as well, but I did even find "Lil Peep". There's neither an "r" nor an "a", so why does that one show up? I did even find artists with literally 0 listeners a month.


But consistently over the Android App, the Windows App and the Spotify search in Sonos I did not find the actual band "Ra". Without knowing any song titles I ended up googling "Ra band" and then using the Spotify link there.


I'd suggest to include exact results of that search no matter how short or unpopular in the results. At least in the first 10/20 results.


List of problematic items

Not problematic (due to letter-number combination?)

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Hi @Camperr123,


Thank you for reporting this to the Community!


We believe these search results could be expected, due to the number of characters in the artist name.


However, we'd like to review this on our side. In order to do it, please share with us the URI of the artist Ra. If you can find other artists with the same issue, please send us their links as well. 


Also, share with us a screenshot of the search results you get when searching for those artists. This way we can take a closer look at it.


Keep us posted.

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Hi Julian,

the artist page is
I hope it helps, if I encounter more bands or maybe songs like this, I'll link them here as well.

Best regards!

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