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One of my playlists keeps getting disabled for an unknown reason

One of my playlists keeps getting disabled for an unknown reason

Hello. I am desperate for some help. One of my best playlists that I have grown organically over several months, 

Earlier this week I had received an email stating 

It has come to Spotify’s attention that your account has engaged in unauthorized use of the Spotify service in violation of the Terms. Spotify has therefore removed the ability for one or more of your playlists to be available publicly.


It was THAT particular playlist which was disconnected. I thought it was possible that I was using a copyrighted image (I honestly don't know if it was or not) so I created a new one under the same name and used an image that is not under any copyright. It was completely unique. Not even a bought stock image. I received that same email again and that particular playlist was taken down a second time with no specifics as to what terms were violated which leads me to believe this is a malicious action by someone making false reports? Per support chat. I emailed support@spotify,com twice with no reply. Tonight after it was taken down again, I opened a support chat. The issue was passed on to another agent who just told me that had no information and refer to the email which was the reason I reached out to them in the first place. 3 chats were abruptly closed by agents. If I did anything against the terms it certainly wasn't intentional and I would be so appreciative of some kind of resolution so I can build that playlist again without it being sabotaged. What would be even better? Reenabling the original copy.  I was very cordial, polite and showed appreciation to the agents that I was connected to.  

Just so know that playlist was 100% ORGANIC. No fake or paid for followers, no bots, no follow4follow. Real follows by real fans.  It was just starting to pick up again before they nuked it a second time. 

You probably won't be able to reach this since it is locked in private mode.








(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

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(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


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Hello, welcome to our community! I'll list below some reasons that can take down a playlist:


  1. Copyright: If a song or artist does not have valid copyright or the copyright holders request for the song to be removed, it may be taken down from the platform.

  2. Inappropriate content: If a song or playlist contains inappropriate content or violates Spotify's community guidelines, it may be removed.

  3. Fraudulent activity: If a playlist is created or promoted in a fraudulent manner, it may be removed.

  4. Misuse of Spotify logo: If the cover of the playlist contains misuse of Spotify's logo, it may be removed.

  5. Content policies: Spotify has strict content policies and songs and playlists that violate these policies may be removed.

  6. Duplicate content: If a playlist is created with duplicate content, it may be removed.

  7. commercialization of space in playlists. Vanda space in playlists is strictly prohibited.


I've read that too. None of it applies

Many others are in the same boat as you as fake reports have been rampant on the platform.


Most of those takedown notifications are the result of trolls/jerks who report your playlist exactly to hurt your growth and exposure. Often enough, these trolls likely have a competing playlist or a playlist in the same genre/mood as yours. (Do a search for playlists similar to yours and it wouldn't surprise me if you see a bunch listed without coverart/title/description.). 

Of course, there is a chance that you really did use copyrighted material. Sites like Unsplash, Pixabay, etc. aren't always reliable regarding "copyright-free images". 

As far as I know, a support chat with an agent is the only way to, possibly, get this resolved. If you don't mind me asking, which chat did you use? (As I might need this service in the future myself. LOL). 

As far as copyright goes, my second attempt was done with an AI generated image which was unique and according to the Supreme Court, not eligible for copyright because it was not made by an actual human. 

You can chat with support agents but they will totally blow you off when it comes to this matter. I was disconnected by 3 different agents when I asked for help in getting a resolution. And I was super, super, polite to them too. 

You just go to the bottom link and choose chat with support. At first you get a bot, just keep clicking, "help with something else" After a few prompts you'll get a person. I wouldn't expect any help on this though. They'll probably do the same to you.


Keep trying. As I said many others are in the same boat and, yes, some kept on trying and get some of their issues resolved. Besides, I don't think there is any other road to resolution. This forum is very helpful but in this regard they will either parrot the Spotify guidelines or they will direct you to "vote for change!".  Honestly, the moderators can't really overrule Spotify; their hands are tied in this matter. 

By the way, smart and cool touch with the AI-generated image. Man, I hope it gets resolved for you.

Thanks Man, appreciate that. I'll definitely stay persistent with getting my playlist back online but I figured it was also important to post here in order to bring it to people's attention. I totally get that Copyright needs to be protected as it should. but if their policy is to remove a playlist pre-emptively, then give us some kind of recourse where we can dispute it.  I remember when the DMCA had just passed, and this was their biggest complaint about it. All of this content that can be taken down with false claims. They called it hyperbole but it turns out they were right.

So in addition to Spotify cutting off my chats, I tried DMing Spotify Cares through Twitter and Facebook and they flat out ignore my messages. I know they are there because they are answering others. What’s left to do? Send snail mail to headquarters? I’ve been a premium customer for 5 years now and  they are totally snubbing me. I just want to get this straightened out or at least know that’s someone is looking into it.

Sorry, can’t accept that as a solution since the problem is with individuals abusing the reporting system with no provision to submit counterclaims. Over the past few days there had been no more occurrences but I don’t know how long that will last.

Your post and response by Spotify is all to familiar for me. They disabled my account in December and still won't provide me with any information. I have always been very polite asking for information but it doesn't matter. Just be aware that they can suspend your entire account and will completely ignore you. I was a premium subscriber for 10 years as well. If you care about your playlists, I would back them up. 

The same exact thing is happening to me as I’m commenting! Two agents have abruptly ended the conversation very rudely, and another has simply told me to make a new playlist. I’m so confused, I was polite to them and my playlist did not violate terms. The support staff being so cold is very off putting. Did you ever find a solution?

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