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Song Disappeared from "Upcoming Release"

Song Disappeared from "Upcoming Release"

I uploaded my song through Distrokid on June 19th and I got a notificaiton my song was uploaded to Spotify and I could submit it for playlist consideration, so I did just that. But when I checked again today, my song is no longer showing up in "Upcoming Releases" even though it was there a few days ago. My song comes out on June 28th and I want to make sure its still going to be released on Friday. 



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Hi @DJJO709 ,


In this case it would be best to get in contact with the dedicated team on the Artist Support page. You can do this by taking a look here:


I hope this helps, and good luck on your release!

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@DJJO709, Did you get this sorted out?

I had exactly the same thing happen to me this week.

I’m having the same problem.  It’s for a relatively big song that I have already invested some money in so I’m praying it will reappear and I won’t have to change the release date. 

hey there - did your release re-appear? Having the same problem here too!

Me too... I sent a message to Distrokid, but they take forever to get back usually. I'm super worried.

Did you figure it out?

same thing has happened to me, also with distrokid

Same problem

And now it work again👍🏻

Not yet, Spotify said it’s something the distributor has to help me with
but I can’t get in touch with the distributor 😂

This just happened to me too! Anyone have any insight?

This just happened to me too, I've sent in enquiry distrokid as they are the people I'm using to distribute. Very strange as it's been showing on my profile for at least the last 10 days. Luckily it was scheduled for release 22nd November so there is still time for me to get this sorted and still have time to pitch to the Spotify editorials,  even if I have to remove my current upload of the track and upload it again. Hope this gets sorted! Did you use Distrokid aswell? Clearly I'm not the first person this has happened to. 

My band just ran into the same thing, also using distrokid. Did you figure anything out?

Our single is supposed to drop Friday (we already submitted it for playlisting and everything) so we don't have much time to asjust if it is really getting delayed from this...

You need to contact Spotify For Artist support via the chat (, they've just helped me with that. Your song is probably mixed up with another artist. However, it can apparently take a few days for the issue to be fixed...

They actually helped, I'll let you know if it worked, but the issue seems to be that whatever platform you're using to get your music to spotify, sometimes receives changes in their metadata so music get mixed up in another profile. In ( they directed me with a real person and moved mi upcoming release to my profile with no changes on the date of release. Really great tbh!

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