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Songs being released onto the wrong artist page

Songs being released onto the wrong artist page

I follow an artist named Poppy. Her artist page is here:


For some reason, a song called 100 Man was added to her Spotify page, but it's not by her (it's some male rapper). The section for releases she's part of ("Appears On") changed as well to include more rap music, some as far back as 2011, none of which she was actually part of.

It seems the system hiccuped and stuck it onto her page since they have the same name. Not sure where else to post this/who to contact but it needs to be fixed...

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Hi there @iridi,

thanks for reaching out about this !


If you wish to report errors with presented content, please do so using this help page.

This way, it'll get directly to the right Spotify factors handling issue of such sort.


Thanks for your cooperation 🙂

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