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Spotify should become the new Twitch/Youtube but be waaaay better.

Spotify should become the new Twitch/Youtube but be waaaay better.

*This is kinda long and probably already been suggested but.. anyways..*

Everyone is dying for a new platform - don't lie.. even Twitter has turned into trash.

Don't get me wrong, I think YouTube & Twitch are still popular platforms. But, they're old and have had plenty of problems in the past that have kinda ruined their reputations to continue growing... 

YouTube's prime was back when original content was the spotlight. Now, it's just clickbait and crappy Top 10 videos that nobody really gives**bleep** about. I rarely even use YouTube anymore. Like I said, it's mainly clickbait & crappy videos that have turned that website into a garbage can.

Twitch is still going strong and Mixer didn't discourage it's growth much. But, it's not what it use to be. It's been invaded by people who don't really care about their community. They just want those donations. Content means absolutely nothing to them. Not only that, it's so saturated that people who actually enjoy gaming or have quality content, can't even get noticed or connect with like-minded people. So, yeah, it's still good but slowly going down hill until it eventually turns into what YouTube is now. Garbage. 🙂 

How can Spotify be more successful? BECAUSE IT'S SPOTIFY. Everyone loves Spotify and everyone knows what Spotify is. There's huge potential for this company to be the next major social media platform. Even if you don't go with "Spotify" as the brand. This company seems to have the capabilities and reputation to make something happen. A separate app or who knows? There's endless possibility and people love convenience. I shouldn't have to login to 20 different accounts and websites to look at good videos or streams, listen to music, and maybe even talk to some friends or like-minded people. 😛 But, it's gotta be introduced slowly. Don't confuse people or overwhelm them. Plus, don't make it freakin' ugly or overly complicated. The App looks good now, it could be improved. But, keep it simple and it would be amazing.. 

Even people who are popular on other platforms would want to be part of Spotify. I don't know what it is about Spotify - but it's something you want to be part of. Plus, I like the App and I like using it. So, don't see why I wouldn't wanna use it for more than just music. 

I dunno.. but.. pleasssseeee... we need something new to be entertained by or just something to help forget about our problems for a while. Don't be annoying and all political like YouTube/Twitch/Twitter & everything else. Just let people have fun and be entertained. Okay, thanks. Haha. 

PS: When you do become the next best thing. Remember lilpaigey. Haha. Jk.. but, no, seriously. 😉 Lol. 

3 Replies

Updated on 2020-05-24

Hey there @paigey,


Thanks for sharing your idea with us! 


To make sure we're on the same page, can you clarify what exact change you would like to see being implemented in the Spotify app?


If you give us a precise suggestion, it'd be helpful to us.

Thanks in advance 🙂 Keep us posted!

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Hey there!! Thank you for reading & replying. 🙂

*I try not to type too much.. but I always end up typing too much.. *

The exact change I want to see? Spotify and it's associates using their power and resources to create a new media platform for live-streaming and video uploads. I know that this is an unlikely possibility - but, might as well talk about it.. only if you feel like listening. ❤️ I know you guys are busy people and I'm not sure if this is the right place to have this conversation. But, either way, thanks again for giving me your time. 

Let's talk about - What does Spotify have that other platforms don't?

- Spotify has the legal right to use the music they stream - [At least I think so..]

Why wouldn't it be more convenient, as a streamer or content creator, to have an app that allows them to use the music they want in their streams and videos.

Twitch & YouTube both have TOS against playing copyrighted music, which in return prevents content creators from uploading or streaming. This reduces viewership, this reduces profit, and it also causes some people to just leave the platforms completely.

I think Spotify (or another brand created by the owners/investors of Spotify) could take this advantage and use it to start implementing streaming/uploading onto the platform. Also, it's an incentive to bring content creators to your side. Because they have more creative freedom to produce the original content they want with the music they want. As well as, it helps promote and give exposure to the music artists that have contributed to Spotify's database.

- Spotify already has the connections to make this platform a possibility - [Don't know how you would go about getting these companies to help - but I'm sure you guys could figure that one out..]

Let me just talk about Tencent for a minute...

- They are familiar with "tipping" and "virtual gifts" - - Tencent could take what Twitch/YouTube does, but elevate it to another level. I mean, people want more ways to donate to their favorite streamers. They want more ways to interact with the communities they are apart of. Why couldn't Tencent take the knowledge, from the chinese social-media platforms they've worked on, and implement those ideas into a western live-streaming application? If there were more fun and interactive ways to donate to a streamer or content creator - I bet you'd see a huge increase in activity.

- They own Riot Games and have stakes in Epic Games, Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard and plenty more. These are some of the biggest companies in gaming. If you could find a way to have exclusive streaming rights for the games these companies have created - IE: Fortnite, League of Legends, Call of Duty - That would be a way to bring viewers straight to your platform. Not only that, if these companies gain exposure and profit from streaming on your platform - Then maybe other popular gaming companies would join in?

- They probably have Discord in their pocket. Once again, another big application that tons of people love to use. Have discord & your streaming app work exclusively together. Most streaming communities use discord to talk to each other and their followers. I think working with discord and having deals or agreements planned out for streamers, who decide to use your platform - would be a great idea and make people want to be part of your network even more.

- They work with top production companies that could help increase the creative freedom of content creators by somehow finding a way to allow certain parts of films or whatever the creator needed, to be included in uploaded videos on the platform - which in return would produce more original content, which would produce more viewership, and then more profits for all parties.

- Last thing, this could bring separated communities together (eastern & western cultures) onto one platform. Would be crazy.. but who knows, right? It could open up the world to experiencing new things and maybe seeing videos or streams they've never even thought of before.
Bringing huge communities together, could make the app messy and the last thing that anyone needs to do is make another horrible website or app that is complicated and messy. Please, don't be like Twitch/YouTube/Facebook/Twitter and constantly redesign things. Come up with a simple app, that looks clean, and is easy to navigate and people will be happy. 


Basically, content creators (of all types) need a place to be creative and make some awesome**bleep**! The way things are now.. original content is dying. Too many restrictions. Too many people wanting to copy others. Too many people saturating the platforms, not because they love gaming or creating cool stuff, because they just want to get clout.

We need a place where creativity is rewarded. Where it's not just about how popular you are. It's about having a good personality. It's about original content. It's about creating a community, that can grow together and EVERYONE gets a chance to share their content with others. 

Anyways, there's tons more I could type..
But, I don't want to waste your time if this isn't the right place to share these sort of ideas and hopes for something better than what we have. I have no idea if any of this is even a good idea or even possible. I'm just really passionate about the gaming community. Been part of the scene since before anyone even really started uploading gaming videos on YouTube - way back in 2010. Haha. I gained some popularity and during that time, the community was amazing and creating content was so much fun and I miss it. 

Alright, thanks. Have a wonderful day.

Hey @paigey,


Thanks for clarifying your feedback - we appreciate it 🙂


Since this is more general feedback than a specific idea, we've decided to move this thread to the Music Chat section so that other users can join in on the discussion.


You're always free to submit an idea for something - just make sure that it adheres to the Idea Exchange guidelines, which you'll find in this Spotify Answer.



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