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Spotify, who is in charge of your app UI design and are they listening to what your customers want?

Spotify, who is in charge of your app UI design and are they listening to what your customers want?





Windows 10 PC's, Samsung Galaxy 9

Operating System

(Android, Windows 10)


My Question or Issue

So you launched a new desktop app UI, fantastic to see that you are open to making changes and improving. However, clearly whoever is in charge of steering this ship is not listening to what your customers want.


Specifically with regards to video podcast playback, there have been countless submissions to yourselves to please do something about the small video playback screen and the fact that this can't be adjusted at all except for the option of fullscreen.


Instead of doing something to improve this, or even just leave it in the sad state it was in, you have opted to make the playback screen even smaller. Not only is it now smaller, it is positioned in the most inconvenient place on the app for user friendliness.


Your previous layout for this made it a very unpleasant watching experience, now it is just impractical to use. This new layout, partnered with the ongoing issues while steaming video content is clearly pushing your customers to simply turn off the video option in it's entirety.


Surely the goal is to improve this feature as opposed to driving your customers away from it?

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Hey @Schnubab


Thanks for posting on the Community about this. 


At the moment it's not possible to manually adjust the size of the podcast videos on Spotify. However, we recommend having a look at this Live Idea suggesting the implementation of such an option.  


You can support the idea by adding your +VOTE and clicking on Subscribe in the three-dots menu at the top right corner next to the title. That'll make sure you stay up-to-date with any relevant updates about this. It’s also worth knowing that the higher the number of votes an idea gets, the more likely it is for the idea to be implemented. 


We always take new ideas and feedback into consideration to improve the app. Here you can read more on how ideas work.


You're also welcome to leave any feedback you have related to the new desktop update in the thread here


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions. 

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