Tupac songs missing


Tupac songs missing

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im a huge Tupac fan and I need his music. A month a go I was able to listen to all his songs no problem but now a lot of his best songs aren’t available. Songs like: 

california love

hit em up 


And more


i know it has nothing to do with the country I live in as I live in the UK and they were available a month  ago. And obviously Tupac couldn’t have hidden them because he’s not around anymore


please let me know if they’ll come back and why they’re gone 


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Re: Tupac songs missing


Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out about this!


If the music you'd love to listen to isn't on Spotify, it'd be great for you to try the following:

  • Get in touch with the related artists' label on social media or their site!

  • You can fill out this form to register your interest.

  • In the meantime, you can import local files to your Spotify library.


Hope you'll find this info useful. Let us know if there's anything else we can help with!

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Re: Tupac songs missing

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Hey @mh-k_9cn1g3o sorry to hear that, but you came to the right place:


Spotify would love to have all the world’s music available to everyone. However, some artists and tracks aren't currently available.

I'd recommend reading this article for more info.


Hope this helps!

Jack 🙂

Re: Tupac songs missing


Hey, I'm a Tupac fan as well!

The issue doesn't come for me because I have an Indonesian account. You probably don't have it because of either something related to article 13 or your country not giving rights to the music.

If you want to change your country

1) Cancel your subscription

2) Change the country

3) Restart the subscription

Re: Tupac songs missing

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I will give that a go thanks

Re: Tupac songs missing


Well hopefully it comes back soon

Re: Tupac songs missing

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Yeah, I hope so aswell because I usaully listen to his songs atleast 2-4 hours a day and when loads of his songs just feels weird. Hope Spotify can solve this quick


// A 2Pac lover.

Re: Tupac songs missing


hi, Im from argentina and others songs missing are "who do you belive in?" and "uncondtional love''. All of these songs arent available in Tidal neither. You spotify support assistants must explain this absence...

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THEY DID IT AGAIN. They removed the Makaveli album and All Eyez On Me. Those contained my favorite songs. It might be Article 13 issues again but I'm still so sad.

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Yeah, I just saw this...


Lucky me, since this started happening I bought all of his CDs to not get bothered by this.

Re: Tupac songs missing




Are you sure those are the tracks your missing?

I just worked out I'm missing 

Picture me rolling

All eyes on me 

Life goes on

But I've still got Changes and California love. I'm from the UK as well