User account vs artist account username confusion


User account vs artist account username confusion

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So I'm new to the community here and don't really know how all of this works

I've had Spotify for a while now but me being a singer, I've always considered one day making an artist account too.

I recently discovered the fact that you can't have two accounts of the same username. 

So do my accounts have to have seperate usernames? Also, since I have no idea how all of this works, do you have to transform your user account to an artist account ( like converting a personal Instagram account into a public business one) or do we have to make a separate artist account. Cause the normal Spotify users, we can see their public playlists and activity but can't do so with artist accounts which always kinda confused me. I'm sorry I'm such a noob but I genuinely hope someone will clear my doubts😅

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I know exactly what you mean! I am also experiencing this. I read the solution to this problem and it's that Spotify no longer allows you to merge your personal and artist accounts. So although I have editing access to my artist page, my personal account can still follow my artist one. Apparently you used to be able to merge them but they did away with it