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Dear Spotify Community, 

The time for change is now! We the Spotifiy Premium community have chosen to pay and support your website because of the amazing music, BUT WE WANT CHANCE THE RAPPER! Please just support this amazing rapper and give us the music we love! Isn't that what we are all here for anyway?


Someone that appreciates good music 

50 Replies

yeah , its a good album but Acid Rap is just king and i would rather use spotify than youtube

But what about like Acid Rap and 10 Day like those are so good and i would love if that would come on spotify


It's not even in America

Yeah that’s why we want it, in all countries


Yeah we want acid rap!

Yes please give us chance the rapper

Yes and all of the album!

Hey, when I add the songs to local files some songs don't appear wiht the name and there's something wrong with those songs

Well it happens to me to and there’s nothing wrong with the song so it’s just that you have to know what song is what!

after resetting my phone i had to do this all again, and i noticed the same thing. you need to download a different version of the album (as in download it from a different website) and change the titles of the songs before proceeding with adding them to your local files. I think this is because spotify tries to link it with their database of the song's info for genre, artwork, etc. but it glitches since it isnt available on spotify. 


[what i did that seems to work is adding the track number before the name]

eg. "cocoa butter kisses" becomes --> "3 cocoa butter kisses"


if you find another workaround let me know 

How do I do Step 2

Thank you so much!

What happened to acid rap

Acid rap was never put on Spotify so I made this comment in hope that with my monthly money I pay for Spotify, their community will actually listen to it's users. So far I've had no success

It's not about what Spotify does though it's how chance released the music. He didn't put it on any streaming services or iTunes because he wanted to release it as a free download. Look at my other answer which is an accepted solution on this thread to see how to get acid rap on your personal Spotify library.

Yeah i know that but maybe spotify could talk to him or somthing, all i know is that i would love it if all his albums were on spotify. And somehow they got the Coloring Book on spotify (or chance did) but that means that it could be possable to get his other albums (but im no expert in this stuff sooooo, yeah)


I can access and play the songs from my pc (of my Acid Rap download), but when i try to see them on my iPhone, the playlist is empty. What do I do?

I think they have patched it. I have switched to Apple Music (shh) and it allows to integrate downloaded songs into your library extremely easily. Not trying to advertise just trying to help.
You can always try restarting all your apps in your recently used tray, and turn off your phone. Go to your settings on your pc and turn off your "local files" path where your songs are and add it again. Try everything again and once it's done, turn on your phone and check your playlists with an internet connection.

i downloaded but its not showing in the local file 😕

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