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Warner music india


Warner music india

Is there an update on Warner music case in India? When will all the songs be available in India? Most of the songs I listen to, have been unavailable since a long time and I'm still waiting for them to be available. 

An update on this issue would be nice. 


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Hey folks,


Thanks for inquiring into this matter.

We're happy to report that Spotify users in India can access music from Warner Music Group artists.


Happy listening!

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My Question or Issue When will this case with Warner Music resolve? I am unable to access songs by artists under contract with Warner for months now. I've been a Premium subscriber ever since Spotify launched in India back in late February and I'm just disappointed with the library now. Kindly resolve this issue at the earliest else you'll be losing a Premium subscriber from next month.



Hey @TheMacabre.


Thanks for getting in touch!


We want all the world’s music and podcasts on Spotify, but availability can vary over time and between countries, depending on the permissions from rights holders.


The good news is: We add new content to Spotify every day, so if you can’t find something you’re looking for right now, it may appear (or reappear) soon, so please check back!


Sorry for the inconvenience. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

It feels bad. I really like Spotify's UI so I am stuck with these guys but their collection in India is atrocious and they're doing nothing about it. Charging us more than other competitors such as Apple Music/ Google Play Music where we have access to most of the artists & albums. I can't play half my songs in the playlist I have created. Really dissapointing from this perspective and I do not see them solving their issue with Warner anytime soon. 

Hi, is there a way to find newly added songs/albums everyday? May be by language/genre ?

I could not imagine going a day without listening to Green Day I am huge fan. Hope Warner’s get all their music up on Spotify in India soon.






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My Question or Issue

Hello, I'm aware that Spotify had legal issues with Warner music and Saregama while launching in India in March 2019. However, 6 months down the line, I still see all those songs missing from Spotify. This is very disappointing from Spotify. 


Can you guys at least give a timeline on when will it be sorted or if at all will be sorted? After subscribing for premium services, having these issues for 6 months is not what is expected. So please give a timeline on this. 




Hey there @shriram1510,

thanks for posting !


We want all the world’s music and podcasts on Spotify, but availability can vary over time and between countries, depending on the permissions from rights holders.

We add new content to Spotify every day, so if you can’t find something you’re looking for right now, it may appear (or reappear) soon.


Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

hey thanks for replying. i understand that. can you give a timeline by which the issue with warner will be solved? 

Hi @shriram1510, I don't think anyone from Spotify will ever be in a situation to provide an update on the matter unless they have acquired the required licences. That being said, even I'm a premium subscriber and I'm **bleep** off to the core about Spotify still not having more than 25% of the world's music. I think we've given them enough time to sort it out but since they've been disappointing, I'm thinking of moving away from the platform. I suggest you do the same.

Agree with you. The same issues persisting 6 months post launch is very disappointing. This is especially given all other streaming services do not have the issue with Warner. Very disappointing from Spotify to say the least. 

Ok Spotify, it is now 9 months since your launch in India and I don't see a famous music label's catalog available to stream in my country. What's going on?! Several other (you know who) streaming services in India have got their act together. What ails Spotify India?!


I really love Spotify but with so many options available (without gaping holes in the online catalog) the missing music will be a serious wet blanket when my annual prepaid subscription comes up for renewal in the next few months. I paid upfront for the whole year the day Spotify launched and have subsequently thought of migrating to the family plan. But then I am holding back to see how things unfold. Please resolve this Warner Bros licensing issue because it has now become a turn-off for music lovers intending to subscribe to Spotify premium. And yeah, there is lossless streaming but then that's a different topic. 


Same scenario with me bro! I also subscribed to spotify premium ever since its launch in India and Warner label songs are still unavailable in Indian Catalogue. Now, it's been more than enough, I'm switching back to apple music in January if this issue wil not resolve. Moreover, I don't think even till Jan. all songs will be available. Spotify is fooling us by saying, " We're trying hard" blah blah. 

Cant believe this is still happening. Warner’s need to get their act together and stop denying Indian fans assets to favourite artists on Spotify. Imagine all the money the artists are losing by not having music available on Spotify in India.

Green Day ‘s contract has ended with Warner’s. When there new album comes out on 7 February this will be last album for Warner’s. So there should be no reason why Green Days music would not be available on Spotify in India.

I loved Spotify when I lived in the US and kept checking online to see if Spotify would ever launch in India, once I moved. Was so bitterly disappointed when I saw so many of my favourite songs missing. I subscribed for 6 months, but had to get rid of my subscription when I saw no movement on this issue. Not even an assurance that Spotify is working on it. Am now on an Amazon music subscriber. Don't like the app or the interface, but at least they have my songs. 

I don't think they have a plan, we just need to wait till they eventually sort it out. There hasn't been a single reaction to my post from Spotify's staff members on this community board. And that is telling.

I renewed my subscription by prepaying for 1 more year in the hope that Spotify and Warner will sort out their issues in 2020. In the meantime I listen to missing tracks on Google Play and Apple Music among other services. The Spotify experience has been pretty disappointing thus far.

A lot of content is not available for India. This should be resolved ASAP otherwise there's no point using Spotify. Apple music has very good content in that regard.

And the worst part is Spotify isn't providing an update on the situation. Most Spotify owners in India are regretting the decision of buying an yearly plan(me included).

How much is does Spotify cost in India?

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