Why can't I listen to these songs?


Why can't I listen to these songs?




I found a playlist with some System of a Down songs that I can't listen to. They're in a darker color and I can't click on them. Why is that? Is there any way I can listen to them? Here's an image of how it looks like:


SJubAlo - Imgur.png

Fnj95Gv - Imgur.png


I'm from Spain though, I'm not sure if that's important.


Thank you!



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Re: Why can't I listen to these songs?


That might be a local file from the playlist creator.

So the song (in darker color) is not actually on spotify. 

Re: Why can't I listen to these songs?

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Perhaps region locked or local files, it's on someones else his playlist so it could be either one. There is an option to hide unplayable track, this can spare you the frustration of seeing a song but not being able to listen to it.

Re: Why can't I listen to these songs?

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Hi there! 


Your songs are proably not playable because it is an agreement between the artist/label that decide what songs should and not be played on spotify. Or they lost the right to have the songs on spotify. 


Anyways, there are many songs similar to the situation you have as well. For example, I had Strawberries and Cigarrettes by Troye Sivan on my playlist, but now it is unplayable. 


Hope this helps :) 



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