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"Couldn't load the lyrics for this song" error

"Couldn't load the lyrics for this song" error

As of version and the version prior to that has caused the lyrics from my personal playlist in my device 'Samsung-SMJ250F' to disappear, at first I thought it was brcause the songs were old but way older songs still had lyrics
The playlist is a private playlist featuring all songs of 'DragonForce'
and after the update none of the songs had lyrics.

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Rhizomes thank you I was waiting to hear this for a long time, there were people who were suggesting that lyrics might now be a premium feature, and this is proof that they're not

So basically they turned off lyrics for free users. Now you need to have premium for them to work. Thats basically what they told me when i contacted them.

They made it available only for premium users.

CikaJov1, it doesn't really make sense tbf, its so random which song lyrics they choose to remove. I can see plenty of song lyrics that should have normally disappeared. Looks like they removed lyrics mostly for songs that are >1 year old ( newer songs still have lyrics for me ) Rhizomes above said that they still cant view them even with premium. Some say its a licensing issue

I’ve tried everything to fix my lyrics but it keeps saying couldn’t load lyrics I updated the app and I offloaded it I restarted my phone I clear the cache I uninstalled and reinstalled it but it’s just not working.


Aşağıdaki bilgilerin hiçbiri gerekli değildir. Ancak, ne kadar çok sağlarsanız, denememiz ve yardım etmemiz o kadar kolay olacaktır.







İşletim sistemi

Windows 101


Sorum veya Sorunum

Dinlediğim bir şarkının lyric kısmı suistimal edilmiş

Ikkk Arctic Monkeys songs don't show lyrics anymore 

Hello, Tevatron!


The problem, illustrated below means that the lyrics might have been recently uploaded by the artist, meaning that it takes time for lyrics to be distributed/synced in the app. If it was a while, try to restart the app and start the song again after another random song. 

Let me know if it helps!

I've got the similar messages to the ones already stated in these replies , I'm wondering if we can go back to the version before it changed , because for some people , the constantly use Spotify lyrics (include myself- Lewis Capaldi And 5 seconds of summer are amazing btw) and for that option to not be available it does defeat a big purpose of why Spotify has become so popular, we need this update to be fixed , because its still a problem in 2024, at least for me 😞

This is another reason why I left Spotify years ago. They do what they want i.e. just remove existing lyrics whenever they please and then try to shift the blame. Markets and whatnot it may reappear if you are lucky. Thanks Spotify.


this has been happening for 5 months ago until rn and it still unavailable to see through the lyrics

padahal seharusnya itu ada lirik dari lagu yang selalu yang saya dengarkan, ngga harus premium kan buat nampilin lirik? kecewa sih kalo ngga bisa tampilin liriknya, di lagu nya itu tertera kok kalo seharusnya ada liriknya, tapi Spotify nya malah 'kami tidak bisa memproses lirik' selaluuuu gitu, tolong ya bantu kali ini

i dont know why this is happening . can this be fixed ?

almost all of the songs have the same problem:i can't see the lyrics,I've tried logging out and back in but it's not working

Same with me. No lyrics at the TV, it works at the phone. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall but didn't work. 

that why

i have tried everything you have said in your site and it's not about "songs that don't have lyrics yet" because some songs did before and now they don't

just know the song

please add lyrics too passionfruit 

У многих песен не отображается текст, пишет не удалось загрузить текст песен. Пробовал очищать кэш, переустанавливать и тд

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