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Spotify Unusable After Update

Spotify Unusable After Update

I just updated Spotify to 1.2.31 over 1.2.26. Now when I close the Spotify window or minimize it there is no way to open it back up without fully closing it via the icon in the top right. The only right click option is close and double clicking the tray icon or even trying to launch it in the terminal does nothing while it's running in the background. So Spotify is basically unusable now. I found the old deb package for version and I downgraded it back to what it was, which returned it to a usable state. Manually browsing the repository in my browser and clicking the previous version leads me to a 404 not found error, so that's fantastic. I'm going to hold the package in Apt for now because it's critically bugged.


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I am having the same issue

Forgot to mention that this is on Ubuntu 23.10.


Any chance you still have an URL to 1.2.26? I'm on Debian Bookworm and latest .deb fails to load any updates in my playlists (and after reinstall can having removed ~/.config/spotify/ and ~/.cache/spotify I get zero content, just a generic error message with no actions to take).

No, I can't find it anywhere. I just had the .deb file in a very old system backup and I pulled it from there. I can upload it to MEGA or something and share the link if you want it though. You just install it with apt and it'll downgrade Spotify back to the previous version. I have no idea why it seems to be entirely wiped from the internet.

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