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Why does shuffle add random music to my song queue?!?!

Why does shuffle add random music to my song queue?!?!

So after listening to an album/playlist a couple of times, I like listening to it in shuffle mode (where the songs are randomized, I don't care if it's actual shuffle or randomizer).


However I have noticed that using this adds some random songs (which apparantly spotify feels like I need to listen to? no!) to my song queue.


I am a premium subscriber and this is extremely annoying. Who'd enjoy their headphones being taken off every 5 minutes and being force fed crap music.

Is there a workaround for this issue? Can I have my shuffle without crap music?



1 Reply

Hey @PR71, this definitely sounds like an unusual issue that is not expected behaviour. Are the songs showing up under "Queued tracks" or "Next tracks" in your play queue?

If you could follow up with any screenshots, that'd be awesome!

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