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linux and spotify

linux and spotify

in linux spotify has problems like a buggy play of some songs, i mean spotify is closed some times, and it isn't the only thing that it does, it very used to lose the queue with some closes or to view only the first 50 titles of music you put in the queue, the preview version in linux of spotify, the 0.97 i think didn't have any of the problemes i mentioned, the queue functions perfectly and all the songs was playable, please the queue for me was a great option.. how caan I have the other queue of the spotify program, the older

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Hello @agm28011997 and welcome to Spotify,


Can you please let me know what is your distro and Spotify version?

Thank you : )


My distro is arch Linux, and I used the beta1.16 and stable 1.14 version, now I am using the 1.15 version, I don't know if this version continue with the problem of the close of the program with some song but when you close the program don't save the song at this exact moment and when you open spotify plays the song you put first time in the program, if the problem of the closes continues I'll let you know but the queue don't function normally, I prefer the 0.97 version queue

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