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Applescript "starred" property returns Error

Applescript "starred" property returns Error

Plan: Premium


Country: New Zealand

Device: Macbook Pro 2016

Operating System: Mojave


The Applescript API still has a "starred" property for the current track, which I believe refers to the old system of starring tracks in Spotify, and has not been updated since the shift from starred through saved to liked tracks.


attempting to access "starred" results in the following error






--> Error -10000: AppleEvent handler failed.






presumably because the function/data the Spotify desktop app then tries to access no longer exists.

This also causes a more general request for "properties" in AppleScript to fail since "starred" is included in that set.

Ideally I would like to see this fixed in a way where:

  • "liked" or similar is added to show the current liked status of the track
  • "starred", for now, acts as an alias to "liked" since starred fills a similar role and no longer has independent meaning (but could be deprecated in favour of liked)
  • the "liked" status of the current track is writable from AppleScript

but even a simpler solution of making "starred" act as "liked" would be an improvement over the current situation.

1 Reply

Spotify team ... it's been 4 years and this is still not working! I need this functionality so badly right now. Please fix this. 😞

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