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[BUG] if captcha doesn't load, it's error message injects into document root

[BUG] if captcha doesn't load, it's error message injects into document root



New Zealand



Macbook Pro 2017, osx 10.14.6

Chrome 84


For about the last month I keep getting an issue where a captcha error message injects directly into document root and pushes the rest of the UI over (thanks to a flex layout)... Screenshot below. Reloading page doesn't help, and I've never actually been prompted for a captcha...


(note i removed my playlist names from the screenshot 🙂 )


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Hi @t22j

Thank you for reaching out to the Community. Did you make sure you are not using a VPN network? If you are I would suggest you remove it.

Hope this Helps. And looking out for a reply.

Hey there- no, definitely not using a VPN... to be honest I'm not worried
about actually completing the captcha, as it doesn't seem to affect my
ability to use the (web)app, it's just a really poorly handled error which
an end user should not be confronted with, and especially not in a way that
takes over half the UI... at its most simple a bit of CSS targeting the
captcha error to hide it would be a quick fix, if not a more robust JS

Thanks for the vpn idea though...

Hi @t22j

I would suggest you download the Spotify App on your computer and not using the Web player, therefore, removing the Captcha and not having that issue again. Link below.

It takes a minute and your problem should be solved. Hope this helps.

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