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Bluetooth headset buttons


Bluetooth headset buttons

Recently I've been listening to music on spotify on my Mac through my Bluetooth headset with no problems but last week spotify stopped responding the the buttons on my headset (play/pause, forward, back) and instead they trigger itunes, even when I am listening to spotify at the time! Does anyone know how I can fix this?

Thank You

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You can put that on Github if you want, under something like MIT licence.

Excellent!  Done.  🙂


Let me know your github username and I'll add you as a collaberator in case you want to change something.


Anyone else feel free to fork and contribute enhancements.  😉


Thanks again!

I just wanted to add a big giant thank you to everyone who collaborated to code this and make it available to the public. I got my very first pair of bluetooth earphones today and was completely bummed when iTunes kept opening up - both the iTunes patch (so it won't load, on page 4) and the Spotify listener command work great on my MacBook Pro OSX 10.9. So a giantic thank you to everyone who made this happen & available! 🙂 

Dear Spotify,


This issue was brought up on 2012


2014, there is still no solution.  It is great that some brilliant users such as Killerdemouches and neurospex provided solution to this issue. However, please ponder on what it says about you when users take such big matters into their hands. 3rd-party applications should not be the permanent solution to this issue. Maybe you can take a look at the code of these 2 guys, it might help you develop a permanent solution integrated in the Spotify application.




Just bought me a sony MBR-1RTB... and have the same problem. 

But I use both (spotify and itunes).

If I install your app can I still use the buttons for itunes when spotify is closed or will they always be bypassed?


All the best from Belgium,




Take a look at the readme here:


You'll probably have to quit the listener to restore standard functionality. 😉




Hello everyone,



there is definitely an easier solution. What works for me on OS X Yosemite is starting a song in spotify first and only afterwards pairing with the bluetooth device. Everything suddenly works.  Enjoy!

There is an EASIER solution to this. Just start a song in spotify, and only AFTERWARDS pair with the BT device. Works greatly on my OS X Yosemite. No need for additional hacks/software.

This is true for some headsets. The reason for this thread is not the working headsets, but the ones that aren't working. It has to do with the firmware on the headset, and not Mac OS X.

But my problem is with windows 7! i use a generic bluetooth set of headphones. On my mobile i can do it but on desktop i can't...
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Running Yosemite 10.10.2 and Spotify


I found that the latest download from worked if I changed the target platform to match 10.10 and then built from source (/ Yosemite has a new event code for the play pause button and this has been added to this code. I've also posted a pull request for this change from


BUT, you may also need to fix a bug in spotify which broke scripted control inputs. Instrutions here: inputs.



This worked almost instantaneously. THANK YOU!

Smiley Wink

Can confirm, this worked for me.
I'm running Jaybird Blue Buds X with Macbook Pro 2011
Thanks for connecting all the dots, great help.

This worked as soon as I opened the application Great FIX!!!!!!

I'm using Sony MDR-ZX770BT

For me, just installing Spotify Bluetooth Headset Listener was enough. Thank you 🙂

Any solutions found for El Capitan?

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Hi, I just tested on El Capitan and it's still working for me.


I did have to make a security exception:


Also I put spotify in the foreground initially to test the controls (and quit iTunes which had popped up at some point).  After that I was able to use my headset buttons even with a different app in the foreground and iTunes didn't start.


If you have any trouble feel free to create an issue. 🙂




Great link!

Was having trouble getting my Sony Bluetooth Headset buttons working, but downloaded/installed the mac-bt-headset-fix and it worked perfectly with Spotify!

Thank you!

I have a problem with my car radio an alpine, i have a samsung galaxy s4 i can play music over spotify but i cant control it from the radio. It worked a few years ago.

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