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Bug: connection disconnected

Bug: connection disconnected



it has happened several times over the years that the connection has been disconnected.


Has happened on Desktop (Win and Mac) and on Mobile (Iphone).

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Which spotify desktop version are you using? (1)

When you go to your preferences in desktop, you will see an error msg if spotify can not scrobble: what do you see there?


Just in case: I assume you did already input your credentials for again in spotify (as in: reverify your account with, that it works)

Another thing you can do is: make sure your account really "works", by scrobbling from somewhere else than spotify to lastfm.



in my desktop version on linux it works, for months already

also: the desktop version caches the tracks, so they won't get lost + scrobbled when there's a connection to lastfm

I have version on Win7 but this has been an issue across several versions. Not sure if the credentials perhaps are deleted once you update to a new version...


Spotify connects successfully to so I don't see that connection error message you mention. The crediantials are just from time to time wiped out.

Same here. Last.FM is disconnected every time I restart Spotify. I use the relatively recent 1.0.27-1.fc23 version on Fedora 23.

I have the exact same problem on my iPhone. Everytime I update Spotify App, the gets disconnected and I have to set it up again.

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