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Can't send songs or playlists to my friends! help!!


Can't send songs or playlists to my friends! help!!

Whenever I try to send my friend a song, I type in their name into the first box of the "send to..." tab, and it always has the message of 


Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 8.19.12 AM.png


"Sorry, no results could be found". I am following my friend and they are following me, so that isn't the problem because they're even showing up on the right collom designated for friends.


 Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 8.21.12 AM.png


My friend isn't on facebook, so maybe thats the problem? I also have spotify premium, an they do not, so that could also be a problem. 

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Man I just found this via google trying to find a solution as to why I can't send my friends songs anymore.  What a bummer. =\  Why remove such a cool feature?

this is absolutely horrible! i want to send songs internally in spotify again!!!

Seriosuly? Why would you get rid of that?! I have friends that don't have Facebook, so I can't share using that. It's such a simple feature that worked perfectly; why would you have it go away?! BRING IT BACK!

Still broken. 



Spotify has always claimed that the social aspect of their service is what makes it stand out. Having to rely on third party services to connect amd share completely diminishes this. If Spotify is truly a social platform, please bring back the inbox and ability to share through Spotify. I can't express how frustrating it is to see this feature REMOVED. Makes no sense

I have been a Spotify premium member since 2012 and the biggest reason I chose Spotify was because of the social aspect. When Apple Music was realeased I greatly considered switching over but Spotify’s biggest advantage over others is the ability to share your music with friends and family easily. Not being able to share directly within the app hurts the potential greatly. I know mulitiple people who I’ve talked to who share the same feelings. Just showing there are many customers who depend on this type of service!

Please fix this


I remember my friends and I doing this and it was so cool to share music that way with one another.  Plus being a performer, I really would love to be able to share our new music with people on's hard enough to get people listening.

I think that this option should be brought back... spotify removed it likely so they have more control over music being shared because they seem to want all the control over the curation of the main playlists to be peoples only focus.  It's yet another way to not allow people to hear and see what they would otherwise want to if they discovered it on their own...


Agreed. This is bull**bleep**. I can't believe Spotify would remove the feature to share a song/album/artist to another user with Spotify.

Spotify, **bleep** are you thinking? I'm already looking for alternatives and considering cutting my subscription.

Come on--this was a great feature for all the reasons previously stated.  Please, FIX IT!

Why!!!!! So disappointing. I have to e-mail a link??!??!? Doesn't make any sense.

This wasn't fixed.

Please let us share songs with friends through the spotify app.


What's the point of family plans if we can't share songs directly with family members, friends?


No one got time to copy the link, paste it on whatsapp, facebook messanger, sms, skype, etc.


There should be a simple Right Click on song > Share > Followers > NAME

Maybe if I share more than 5 songs with a person (follower), that person should show the first in the list (if someone has more followers).

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