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Dont play / Block / Hide Tracks or Artists on DESKTOP VERSION

Dont play / Block / Hide Tracks or Artists on DESKTOP VERSION

Implement "don't play / block / hide artists or tracks" -function on the desktop version of spotify, only available on ios/android?

Thanks 🙂

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Yes! I only use desktop on mac, and I want Spotify to stop adding one particular song to my daily mix, I love my mix and the rest of the artist's music is fine but I hate this one song!

Yes, this is so bizarre! So what happens when I start listening on my iphone but move to my laptop; do these artists I've blacklisted on my phone suddenly get added back to the mix when I move to the desktop version?  I would hope my settings regarding blacklisted artists/songs would sync across devices since my account already seems to do so.

Hey folks,


Thanks posting here in the Community! We'll gladly shed some light on the situation


We can confirm that at the moment the options to hide a song or not play an artist is available only for mobile devices. They are also device specific, this means that the content will be removed only on the device, where these options were activated.


If you'd like to introduce the feature to blacklist content also on your desktop devices and for the effect to be account-wide,  we suggest that you submit an idea on our board, that requests this feature. This page has detailed instructions on how to do this. The Idea Exchange is a great way for us to see how popular a certain idea is with our users and helps us constantly improve the app. You can learn more about it here.


Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

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This feature is an absolute must.
I pay for this service (Premium) and I'm asking what entitles you to force me to listen to certain songs or artists over and over again ???

The fact that this feature is so hard to use and just bluntly missing on some platforms (blocked songs don't sync, not available for desktop/web) is just corporate greed, and is unacceptable for paying costumers. Music is emotional, and speaking from my experience, I don't want to feel bad just because I am forced to listen to a song that reminds me of bad times, an ex or just a hideous song. I don't think I am alone on this issue. Fix this Spotify, listen to your customers.


I don't understand why we would even have to ask for that. Blocking should be a feature that would apply across all devices in your account. If we don't want to hear a certain Artist on our mobile device, then what makes you think we would want to hear it on the Desktop? C'mon! It should be essential ESPECIALLY for premium subscribers.

This is complete bs, they are not implementing simple features and hiding behind the concept of 'ideas' to justify corporate greed. Some of the requested features literally requires couple of hours to implement.

This really shouldn't be considered an "idea" as much as it is a fix. … or a completion of something that was already started.



You know what's painfully ironic about this. If a track gets on Release Radar or Discover Weekly, only a few skips it takes to make you walk the plank. When an artist you don't like shows up in your radio or mixes you can skip them every day for weeks or even months  but they don't go away. Blocking permanently solves the problem and gives the listener better control over their listening experience.

I have a question. When you are constantly skipping a track or an artist for a very long time, how long does it take for the algorithm to finally understand that maybe you don't like this artist? Is it even taken into consideration?

To me this is a no-brainer.  Why would you think that people would want this feature only on mobiles and not on a computer???  Especially since IOS and MacOS are converging such that you will be able to use just one app for either.  I really do wonder what goes through programmers brains when they do things like this.  I'm a iTunes fugitive and on the 3 month trial.  I've heard good things about Spotify but If this looks like it won't be implemented within the 3 months I doubt I'll carry on with Spotify.  At least iTunes gives you complete control of what you hear.

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